Conditioner No Perfume Urtekram - 250ml

Conditioner No Perfume Urtekram from Biocop is a cosmetic product specially created for hair care, which in addition to taking care of it, helps to obtain shine and softness. It contains completely natural, high quality ingredients with important properties such as aloe vera, evening primrose oil, shea butter and jojoba.

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Conditioner No Perfume Urtekram from Biocop is the perfect conditioner to obtain a silky hair with a spectacular shine. Try it now!

Conditioner No Perfume Urtekram from Biocop is a cosmetic created with natural ingredients, specifically plants such as aloe vera, which provides more than 20 minerals and several vitally important vitamins that help the care and growth of hair; Other ingredients of equal importance are shea butter, jojoba and evening primrose oil, all of them with great properties and nutrients that contribute to the care, protection, maintenance of the hair and scalp as such, which is where it comes from or it is on, that is, they complement each other in such a way that they make this product the best in the market. It should be noted that a part of these ingredients come from organic farming, so its preparation is environmentally friendly.

Conditioner No Perfume Urtekram from Biocop is a useful conditioner suitable for all types of hair that offers its users the care, protection, shine and softness that they want, which allows the hair to be more manageable and easy to comb; In addition to this, it leaves a spectacular shine that makes your hair to look healthier and beautiful. Similarly, it helps those who suffer from dandruff, dryness, hair loss, among other problems that may occur in the scalp area, which generate distrust and discomfort.

Conditioner No Perfume Urtekram from Biocop is the ideal cosmetic for every person, particularly for women who want to maintain a beautiful hair or for those who want to achieve that change in their look; It is also perfect for people who have or suffer from any type of allergy or have sensitive skin, since this magnificent hair product does not contain chemical preservatives or artificial colorings that would cause harmful reactions, highlighting once again the natural features. To top it off, it is of great importance to have a natural product with guaranteed quality that provides protection and care to such an important part of the body, which provides confidence when going to an event or place.

Facts of Conditioner No Perfume Urtekram from Biocop

  • No perfume
  • For all hair types
  • Completely natural ingredients
  • Herbal
  • Rich in aloe vera
  • Contains shea butter, jojoba and evening primrose oil
  • Does not contain soapy ingredients harmful to the scalp
  • Help in hair loss problems

Conditioner No Perfume Urtekram from Biocop is the conditioner you were looking for, with its natural ingredients, which also contain wonderful nutritional properties to achieve beautiful and healthy hair. Give your hair strength and beauty!

Recommended use: for cosmetic use, add the necessary amount according to your hair. Massage and leave for 2-3 minutes, then remove the product with plenty of water.

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