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Seasoning Cumin - 40g

It is a spice that is used in different culinary preparations as a dressing of various salty dishes, cookies, cakes, bread, which brings flavor and smell to distinguish your preparations and enhance their flavor. This product is made with cumin from organic farming.

    Seasoning Cumin from Biocop

    Seasoning Cumin from Biocop is made with selected seeds or aromatic grains that come from the plant of the same name, grown in organic farms. This spice has a very characteristic flavor and a strong and sweet aroma that is what makes the dishes seasoned with this seasoning so appetizing and exquisite. Those who wish to distinguish the preparation of their dishes should use Seasoning Cumin from Biocop because it offers them a quality product rich in essential oils that are the base of that unmistakable smell and taste.

    Seasoning Cumin from Biocop is used in different preparations, whole or ground, depending on the type of preparation, to conserve its oils it is advisable to grind it when it is to be added to the preparation to preserve its properties and its characteristic smell intact which strengthens the flavor it brings to each dish. As a spice that is distinguished by its aroma, Biocop presents it in a safe container that guarantees the preservation of its aroma and flavor until it is used by professional chefs, kitchen fans and anyone who wants to taste a special touch to every dish.

    Seasoning Cumin from Biocop is the ideal seasoning to prepare different dishes of different cuisines, among which can be mentioned stews, casseroles, sauces, broths, mojos, among others, with whole or ground grains of this seasoning. And if these grains or seeds are previously put on a hot surface for a soft toasting, they will release the essential oils that will intensify the smell and consequent flavor, add a certain bitter and spicy taste so it should be used in small amounts because it is intense and penetrating, therefore it is recommended to use a small dose in the recipe to give the different touch and flavoring. The ingredients used by Biocop in the preparation of this product are seeds or grains of cumin of the best quality and from organic farming to protect the health of its consumers. This seasoning has properties as aromatic spice and also medicinal properties which allows to enjoy both its smell and flavor as well as health benefits.

    Facts of Seasoning Cumin from Biocop

    • As an aromatic spice for culinary use
    • Contains Cuminal, stimulates appetite.

    To enjoy a rich recipe that is distinguished by its aroma and flavo. Use Seasoning Cumin from Biocop to give you that distinctive touch.

    Recommended use: use Seasoning Cumin from Biocop in small amounts, whole or ground. If you want to accentuate the aroma even more, lightly toast the seeds to enhance the essential oils that will strengthen your recipes.

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