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Powdered Cayenne - 40g

Powdered Cayenne from Biocop is the ideal seasoning for those who like to give an intense flavor to their food and preparations. It offers a spicy touch, a striking scent and is quite versatile. It is made with several species of dried and ground chili to obtain a fine powder with which the seasoning is made. It uses raw material obtained through organic farming.

    Powdered Cayenne from Biocop

    Powdered Cayenne from Biocop is an excellent ingredient that adds a most peculiar flavor to various recipes.

    It can be said that this seasoning offers a spicy touch, because it is the result of grinding diverse species of chili, previously dried to obtain the maximum of its properties. The name of this marinade derives from the fact that it was invented by the inhabitants of the city of Cayenne, in French Guyana, being then used in different regions of the world and being very useful in gastronomic work. This seasoning has a long culinary tradition, being preferred for the preparation of sauces, soups, hashings and certain varieties of broths. By being quite spicy, you have to know how to use it, because it pays a lot when it comes to cooking. A small portion of this seasoning goes a long way for large amounts of food. People like its taste as it enhances the sensation on the palate and intensifies both the aroma and the taste buds. In addition, it is perfect for preserving certain meats and seafood. Without a doubt, this product is perfect for all lovers of cooking and tasting exquisite dishes.

    The cayenne powder seasoning is also commonly known as red pepper. It consists of powder obtained when grinding various types of chili, which are allowed to dry to remove the water they contain and maximize their qualities. In this way, you get a rather spicy marinade, although with a very special flavor that manages to give a great value to all foods. In the case of this product, you get the advantage that its ingredients are obtained only from organic farming. This means that all varieties of pepper are traditionally grown without using chemical fertilizers or preservatives. In this way, it is guaranteed that it is a natural ingredient, with a special flavor and that guarantees the best for the various foods.

    Facts of Powdered Cayenne from Biocop

    • Made with several dried and ground species of chili
    • Ideal for various gastronomic recipes
    • Boosts the flavor and aroma of recipes
    • Completely natural product
    • Ingredients obtained only from organic farming
    • With ecological guarantee seal
    • Perfect for any food and gastronomy

    This seasoning is able to delight any person, since its flavor is completely natural. It is certainly a great choice for any kitchen lover in general.

    Recommended Use: use sparingly as it is quite strong. Keep in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

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