Condiment Basil from Biocop is ideal for dressing and seasoning food. Perfect for any recipe and gastronomic resolution. Made with carefully chosen basil leaves. It offers an exquisite taste and texture in meals. One of its great advantages is that it only uses plant organism grown in an ecological way.

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    Condiment Basil from Biocop

    Condiment Basil from Biocop is perfect for marinating and spicing the food of any recipe. It is an extremely popular condiment to use in a wide range of everyday recipes. To top it off, to prepare this product only natural ingredients are used.

    Each of the basil leaves are chosen with great care. In addition, it happens that the plants used for its preparation are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers or genetic manipulation technology that could trigger damages to the health of the consumers. Similarly, it happens that this product is presented in a convenient container with glass ball and measurer. All this features make Condiment Basil from Biocop ideal for a healthy diet and free of artificial components that could alter the metabolism, digestion and overall health. Without a doubt, it is a perfect alternative for any lover of balanced food and exquisite flavors in gastronomic preparations.

    Condiments and spices have been a fundamental part of people's diet for centuries. The ancient Romans used them to preserve meat. In China and in Asia they are common for seasoning seafood. In our days they continue to have great acceptance and people request them for the most heterogeneous recipes. In this case, we describe this basil seasoning that is completely natural. Extracted from vegetable organisms grown in the traditional way, not artificially and without using pesticides or herbicides. Likewise, fertilizers are not used to achieve an accelerated growth of the plant and at the same time they could leave residues of chemical substances that would cause damage to health. For this reason, it is a 100% recommended condiment, as well as having a pleasant flavor and texture.

    Facts of Condiment Basil from Biocop

    • Made with carefully chosen basil leaves
    • Exquisite taste
    • Basil grown in an ecological way
    • Ideal for any gastronomic recipe
    • No trace of pesticides or herbicides
    • Ideal for a balanced diet
    • With ecological certificate
    • Practical and attractive container

    Thanks to this product you can taste the most exquisite flavor of the basil based condiments. That way, you have the possibility to prepare delicious foods, all of them seasoned in the best way. Excellent flavor and texture!

    Recommended use: use according to each recipe. The pack of this product allows the basil to be sprinkle quite comfortably, making it easy to use when cooking. It should be kept in a cool place, without high temperatures or direct exposure to sunlight.

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