If we talk about exotic mixtures to improve the flavor of our dishes, then we must mention Rapunzel Coconut Puree from Biocop, because it is an excellent dish. The best thing is that you can use it not only in sweets, but also in all kinds of Asian dishes, assorted fruits, cocktails and sauces. If your passion is cooking, you will know how important it is to choose a dressing or the precise ingredient.

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Rapunzel Coconut Puree from Biocop is perfec to prepare tasty sweet desserts.

Rapunzel Coconut Puree from Biocop is presented in a small and compact presentation. It is a medium-sized glass container to perfectly use this puree.

This is a product made consisting of coconut ground through a 100% natural procedure, without including additives or other artificial substances. It is a natural food supplement, and regardless of the time of use, it keeps its aroma and flavor, which makes it ideal to spread on the desserts of your choice. A product high in vitamins, with a quality certified and guaranteed by experts. Likewise, it can be used in many ways. Plus, you can use it as is, or put it in a bain-marie, first.

All the options are great to get the most out of Rapunzel Coconut Puree from Biocop. If you can do without a delicious coconut flavor, then, you are lucky, because now you can take it with you wherever you want, and use it in ice cream, cocktails, sorbets, fruits, chocolates and slush. You have a myriad of ​​possibilities if you think about it.

If your children love to take slush or sweet milkshakes, Rapunzel Coconut Puree from Biocop can be very useful for you. It is a matter of measuring the quantity and tasting, you are ready to enjoy new desserts you have never heard of before. Likewise, you can also prepare delicious icings with a rich taste of coconut. There is nothing better than enjoying this delicacy on hot days.

A food supplement that undoubtedly hits the target in flavor, aroma and consistency. Not to mention that it is free of preservatives or colorings, all thanks to its completely natural production process. In the summer seasons, you will not stop innovating your recipes, if you use Rapunzel Coconut Puree from Biocop, the best option to transform your desserts.

Facts of Rapunzel Coconut Puree from Biocop

  • From organic farming.
  • Made from ground coconut.
  • Free of colorings and preservatives.
  • 100% natural product.
  • Ideal to complement prepare delicious desserts.
  • Provides an exquisite aroma.

If you want to add a touch or exotic flavor to your recipes, Rapunzel Coconut Puree from Biocop will do all the work for you. If you get on well in the kitchen, and use this product, you will have dream results. Fight against those sunny afternoons with a rich ice cream or milkshake, and Rapunzel Coconut Puree from Biocop.

Recommended use: ideal to mix with sauces, ice creams, milkshakes, icings and other foods. Eat this delicious product as is, or after putting it in a bain-marie. If it remains sealed and unused, keep it at room temperature. However, once the product is opened, keep in the refrigerator to ensure its maximum quality and long useful life.

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