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Rapunzel Coconut Flower Syrup - 250 g

Rapunzel Coconut Flower Syrup from Biocop is a natural solution of sugar obtained from organic farming, and comes in a bottle, with dispenser included, which makes it more convenient and easy to use, and the most important thing is that it can consumed by all members of the family.

    The most exquisite, mildest and most natural sweetener you can use. It is so good that will brighten your days and boost your levels of energy. Rapunzel Coconut Flower Syrup from Biocop will become your favorite sweetener.

    Rapunzel Coconut Flower Syrup from Biocop is a natural sweetener that is extracted from the coconut flower using techniques belonging to organic farming processes, which, essentially, consist of boiling the coconut flower with water, then filtered, concentrated, and finally, filtered again to preserve all the minerals and nutrients of the solution of sugar extracted; such extract is pour in a bottle, with dispenser, making it easier to administer, more practical and convenient for you.

    Rapunzel Coconut Flower Syrup from Biocop has a mild caramel flavor which makes it ideal to sweeten your desserts, beverages, cereals and other foods. This sweetener improves the flavor of hot drinks, and can be applied in recipes that go to the oven, or you can simply spread it over your favorite ice creams, or appetizers to please yourself and those with whom you want to enjoy a delicious delicacy.

    As it is customary with the products distributed by Biocop, the quality of Rapunzel Coconut Flower Syrup from Biocop is guaranteed. For this reason, this syrup is recommended for every single member of your family, because this sweetener is natural and contributes a large amount of nutrients and minerals to the organism such as phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc and copper, which is very good for its proper functioning. Plus, it should be noted that this coconut flower sugar has no gluten or lactose, which makes it ideal for people of all ages.

    Facts of Rapunzel Coconut Flower Syrup from Biocop

    • Product obtained from organic farming.
    • Has no additives or preservatives.
    • Ideal for people of any age.
    • Provides high nutritional properties and boost the levels of energy.
    • Contains phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc and copper.
    • Does not have gluten or lactose.
    • Ideal for vegans and vegetarians.

    For this reason, if you want to take care of your well-being and that of your entire family, it is recommended that you always use products of the highest quality, that is, being sure that what you consume is what you expect. For this reason, you should buy Rapunzel Coconut Flower Syrup from Biocop, which is an excellent option to give that sweet touch to dishes and desserts with which you and your family want to indulge.

    Recommended use: apply Rapunzel Coconut Flower Syrup from Biocop over your favorite snacks, sweeten drinks of your choice, whether hot or cold, cereals, and other foods. You could also use it to add a sweet and healthy touch to your baked desserts. Keep it in a dry and fresh place.

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