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Coconut Chips Rapunzel - 175 g

Coconut Chips Rapunzel from Biocop are delicious dried and light coconut chips, ideal to eat on their own or accompanied with yogurt, fruits, vegetable milk, juices or any other delicious food. They bring an incredible flavor to our snacks or breakfasts and something very positive is that it is a natural and healthy product.

    Coconut Chips Rapunzel from Biocop: delicious coconut chips to enjoy and support a healthy snack.

    Coconut Chips Rapunzel from Biocop are exquisite chips made with dried and light coconut that can be consumed at any time of the day or accompanied with cereals, juices, yogurt, fruit, milk and, in addition, can be added to desserts or baked goods. A very positive point is that this product does not contain additives, gluten or refined sugars, so it is a very appetizing and healthy alternative to delight.

    Eating something delicious at any time of the day is something that we all do, therefore, Biocop has designed the best coconut chips to enjoy our breakfasts or snacks with a completely healthy and delicious product. One of the main advantages of this product is that it is unique in presentation and flavor since it is coconut chips that serve as snacks to delight when you want, even to add to desserts, yogurt, vegetable milk, among other foods. Best of all, the composition of Coconut Chips Rapunzel from Biocop is completely natural, as it provides almost all the known benefits of coconut, which is a fruit that provides fatty acids, energy, fiber, proteins, antioxidants and minerals to supplement a healthy diet.

    Another very positive feature is that these rich chips do not contain gluten, added sugars, colorings or artificial additives, which ensures even more a healthy intake that can be consumed with confidence. Coconut Chips Rapunzel from Biocop is a recommended alternative for all those who like to eat delicious snacks and, To that effect, they can be consumed by athletes, vegans, vegetarians, children and all those sweet lovers. Likewise, another of the things that everyone really loves about Coconut Chips Rapunzel from Biocop is that it comes in a practical presentation that can easily be carried in the purse or pocket to enjoy when you want a delicious and healthy snack made of natural coconut.

    Facts of Coconut Chips Rapunzel from Biocop

    • Delicious coconut chips from organic crops
    • Exotic flavor and aroma
    • Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals
    • Gluten free
    • No added sugars
    • Supplements a healthy and natural diet
    • Comfortable container to carry everywhere

    If you feel low energy or if you go to breakfast and you want something rich, healthy and that at the same time be nourishing, do not hesitate to eat Coconut Chips Rapunzel from Biocop.

    Recommended use: to eat on their own or combined with fruits, yogurt, cereals, desserts or baked goods. Preferably eat at breakfast or as a snack and also whenever you want at any time or place.

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