Classic mayonnaise doser bioster - 300ml

Classic Mayonnaise + Dispenser Bioster from Biocop is a mayonnaise made of egg yolks. It is a product from ecological farming that is ideal for all members of a family. It is completely made from natural ingredients and without any chemical added, which makes it the perfect supplement to accompany your favorite dishes and for preparing sauces and dressings.

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    Classic Mayonnaise + Dispenser Bioster from Biocop, a biological alternative for your sauces.

    Classic Mayonnaise + Dispenser Bioster from Biocop is a mayonnaise of biological agriculture, mainly made of egg yolks. This product has a texture ideal for mixing it with your favorite dishes, as well as to make salads and sauces. All ingredients used for its preparation are natural, namely, deodorized sunflower oil, yolk, water, small seeds alcohol vinegar, sea salt, lemon juice and unrefined cane sugar. It is thicken with xantana. All this makes it a food ideal for all members of a house, as it represents a healthier and more ecological alternative to traditional mayonnaise.

    If you are one of those people seeking healthier alternatives to their favorite foods, Classic Mayonnaise + Dispenser Bioster from Biocop is the solution to all your cravings. This product is made in a biological way using completely natural ingredients in order to offer a healthy accompaniment to your meals as well as for the preparation of sauces, dressings and salads. It is a product made of egg yolks, so it is should not be consumed by people allergic or suffering from some kind of reaction to this type of food. However, the only part used of an egg is its yolk, which makes it a healthier food and provides a lot of vitamins and minerals, plus nutrients necessary for the organism such as iron, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.

    Now you can keep a food regime according to your healthy lifestyle, as a supplement perfect to prepare foods that traditionally require mayonnaise has reached the market. Classic Mayonnaise + Dispenser Bioster from Biocop is very easy to use, as its container allows to dispense the product directly without the need of a fork. It is important for its preservation to keep it in a dry, cool place, protected from light, and once open keep refrigerated.

    Facts of Classic Mayonnaise + Dispenser Bioster from Biocop

    • Product made of egg yolks.
    • From biological farming.
    • Contains natural ingredients.
    • No sugars added.
    • Does not contain chemicals that could alter the organism.

    Classic Mayonnaise + Dispenser Bioster from Biocop has become an option to accompany all your meals in a natural and ecological way. Its texture makes it the perfect ingredient for preparing sauces and healthy dressings that can fit in your healthy lifestyle without any problems. Taste now the delicious Classic Mayonnaise + Dispenser Bioster from Biocop, which is a perfect alternative to other types of mayonnaise that Biocop brings you to allow to enjoy the food you like and love but without giving up your healthy lifestyle!

    Recommended use: this product is ready for use. Recommended to add to different dishes or for the preparation of some sauces that have mayonnaise as main ingredient.

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