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Chocolate Ladybugs Rapunzel - 800g

Chocolate Ladybugs Rapunzel from Biocop is a delicious milk chocolate filled with a fine cream of hazelnuts, it has ladybugs wrapped in their colorful costumes. Of exquisite flavor crowned with the touch of authentic Bourbon vanilla. Made according to the Swiss tradition with ingredients 100% organic.

    Chocolate Ladybugs Rapunzel from Biocop, ideal to accompany your meals as dessert, or eat them at any time of the day.

    Chocolate Ladybugs Rapunzel from Biocop is a delicious chocolate treat in the shape of a milk chocolate ladybug filled with a fine hazelnut cream, to taste them you will feel an explosion of taste in your mouth. With Chocolate Ladybugs Rapunzel from Biocop it is possible to enjoy, at any moment, a treat with an incomparable flavor, without leaving the diet, without feeling guilty, obtaining in addition the nutrients and good fats contributed by chocolate and hazelnuts.

    Chocolate Ladybugs Rapunzel from Biocop are delicious, and are made with ingredients that come from organic farming, which means that its composition is totally suitable for a healthy diet, that is, free of additives, preservatives or artificial substances. It is about consuming the purest taste of chocolate and without contributing remorse since it does not add refined sugars. As it is well known, chocolate is one of the most popular sweets, because its taste and texture are pleasant. Biocop has created an authentic chocolate ladybug with the selected ingredients of organic farming such as unrefined sugar, skimmed milk, the best cocoa and natural hazelnuts, which make it possible to bring to our table and palate chocolates totally healthy.

    Chocolate Ladybugs Rapunzel from Biocop comes with a wrap with the appearance of a ladybug with all its colors. Chocolate Ladybugs Rapunzel from Biocop contains a perfect combination of flavors incorporating an incomparable texture. One of the main advantages of consuming Chocolate Ladybugs Rapunzel from Biocop is that, in its preparation, the ingredients were previously selected, and not only to guarantee a high quality product, but also it is friendly with the organism and the environment, that is, its cultivation is 100% ecological. By having a composition based on organic farming, it is a natural sweet and perfect for all types of diets, from vegans, vegetarians, athletes, people who take care of every aspect of their diet and health, even of the smallest of the house.

    Facts of Chocolate Ladybugs Rapunzel from Biocop

    • 100% organic ingredients
    • Made with cocoa and filled with hazelnut cream
    • Offers the delicious chocolate flavor that we all like
    • Low in saturated fats
    • High quality product
    • Does not contain refined sugars, additives, artificial substances or preservatives
    • Ideal to eat any time of the day
    • A single chocolate wrapped with the appearance of a ladybug

    Chocolate Ladybugs Rapunzel from Biocop can be tasted as you prefer, as a dessert to accompany your meals. In terms of its nutritional value it is a rich source of energy and proteins, ideal to support a balanced diet. What are you waiting? Try it now!

    Recommended use: as a food supplement, enjoy an excellent chocolate at the right time. Nice moment for the little ones.

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