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Chocolate Duo Cream Nuscobio - 400g

Chocolate Duo Cream Nuscobio from Biocop is a tasty spreadable cream with a unique texture and appearance made from cocoa powder, milk and hazelnuts, being sweetened with cane sugar. Ideal to spread, decorate and fill desserts, giving the delicious flavor of chocolate with hazelnuts to any dessert or slice of bread.

    Chocolate Duo Cream Nuscobio from Biocop

    Among the nuts, hazelnuts are known for their great amount of healthy fats and flavonoids, as well as having a characteristic flavor, which is often combined with chocolate to enhance the flavor of this, making this a winning combination. It is for this reason that Biocop has developed its own cream of chocolate and hazelnuts, called Chocolate Duo Cream Nuscobio, which has an incredible appearance, flavor and texture, in addition to respecting nature and the consumer, offering a product made from 100% organic natural ingredients, from organic farming.

    Chocolate Duo Cream Nuscobio from Biocop is mainly made with hazelnuts, milk, cocoa powder and Bourbon vanilla extract, all this, sweetened with brown sugar cane. Obtaining an attractive presentation with stripes of cocoa and white chocolate, which gives presence to the product, in addition to having the classic chocolate flavor with hazelnuts that you like, ideal for spreading, decorating and filling desserts as the consumer likes, being ideal for breakfast or snacks at any time of day, making it possible to turn a simple slice of bread into a delicious dessert with a 100% organic cream. Each of these ingredients comes from organic farming, that is, they are free of preservatives, flavorings or chemical additives, besides they do not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), they also have the certificate NL-BIO-01 and the seal UTZ of sustainable agriculture, which covers good agricultural practices, management of farms, social conditions, life and the environment. With them, the consumer and the environment are respected, helping to create a better planet for all.

    Facts of Chocolate Duo Cream Nuscobio from Biocop

    • Made from 100% natural and organic ingredients.
    • Contains cocoa powder, hazelnuts, milk and vanilla extract.
    • All its ingredients come from organic farming.
    • Fully free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), preservatives, flavorings and chemical additives.
    • Sweetened with cane sugar.
    • Ideal for spreading, filling and decorating desserts.
    • UTZ and NL-BIO-01 certificate of organic farming.
    • Attractive presentation, taste and texture.

    Chocolate Duo Cream Nuscobio from Biocop is ideal for spreading, turning even a simple slice of bread into a delicious dessert, as well as being able to decorate or fill cakes with it, giving them the great flavor and texture of chocolate cream with hazelnuts. In addition, that the consumer will be tasting a 100% organic product that has a minimum impact on the environment, respecting in this way, the farmer and the consumer.

    Recommended Use: ideal to spread on bread or toast, also for decorating or filling cakes. Keep in a dry and cool place. Close the container tightly after use.

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