Chocolate Cream Nuscobio from Biocop is a perfect option to supplement the food with a dessert as delicious as natural. It consists of a cream made from cocoa, cane sugar, sunflower oil, palm oil, defatted cocoa powder, skimmed milk powder and bourbon vanilla extract.

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    Chocolate Cream Nuscobio from Biocop

    Chocolate Cream Nuscobio from Biocop is a fantastic option to supplement the daily diet with a delicious and natural dessert. It is made with UTZ certified cocoa, which means that it is obtained through ecological farming techniques, respectful of the environment and without the use of chemicals that would negatively affect crops. Some of its ingredients are: cane sugar, sunflower oil, palm oil, defatted cocoa powder, skimmed milk powder and bourbon vanilla extract. All this combination results in an excellent cream, whose soft texture is more than perfect to spread.

    It is a perfect choice for people to taste a delicious dessert, which has the great properties of a food obtained from nature and that maintains at all times an exquisite taste that delights the palate. For all these reasons, Chocolate Cream Nuscobio from Biocop is ideal for people to consume an exquisite snack, supplementing their food with that necessary touch of taste that people like.

    Chocolate is one of the favorite desserts of international gastronomy. People love to eat it in their various formats: in bar, in drinks, in desserts and in this case as a tasty cream spread. The product described herein is perfect to be spread on bread, biscuits and other variety of foods. Very good to supplement the taste of other meals. To all this is added that its flavor is completely natural, since all its ingredients are obtained thanks to ecological agriculture. In fact, the cocoa with which it is made has an UTZ certification, which refers to sustainable cocoa growing programs in the world. Thanks to this, it can be affirmed that it is an excellent cream, healthy and widely recommended for the consumption of all people.

    Facts of Chocolate Cream Nuscobio from Biocop

    • Perfect to supplement everyday food
    • Rich sour cream made from cocoa
    • 100% natural, with UTZ certificate of sustainable agriculture
    • Includes: cane sugar, palm and sunflower oil, skim milk and vanilla
    • Exquisite flavor and free of artificial additives
    • Excellent texture that delights the palate

    This delicious chocolate cream is ideal to have a dessert that helps to supplement the daily food. It has a guarantee of organic farming, so its taste is intact, without being altered by artificial additives of any kind.

    Recommended Use: this cream is suitable to be spread on baked goods, such as cookies, tarts and others. Also, it can be used in various desserts. Likewise, it is recommended in various pastry recipes guaranteeing that it gives excellent results.

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