Chia Germinar Geo from Biocop is perfect for those who eat healthy and natural. It consists of germinated seeds of the plant known as Chia (Salvia hispanica). It has an excellent amount of omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, calcium, potassium and have obvious antioxidant qualities. All this makes it a high-quality food.

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    Chia Germinar Geo from Biocop

    Chia Germinar Geo from Biocop is presented in a convenient container that people can easily buy at any supermarket.

    It can be said that Chia is also known as Hispanic Salvia (Salvia hispanica). It is a herbaceous plant, which is well known for its high amounts of omega-3 alpha-linolenic fatty acid. For a long time this plant has been grown to obtain its seeds, which are used as ground food. Likewise, as they begin to germinate its shoots are taken and used as food with great health benefits. It should be noted that nutritionists include Chia in the range of so-called superfoods, as they are an excellent source of fiber, antioxidants and phytonutrients. Also, they are quite rich in calcium and have a good amount of potassium. In addition, they are known to have excellent antioxidant qualities, keeping the so-called free radicals under control and slowing down the natural aging process. All these benefits are obtained when consuming Chia Germinar Geo from Biocop, which is also obtained from organic farming and is 100% natural.

    Chia seeds are one of the most complete foods that can be found in plants. As previously mentioned, some people consider them superfoods, since they have a wide range of nutrients. In any case, it is important to consume them in the most natural way possible. This is one of the advantages of the product described herein. When you consume Chia Germinar Geo from Biocop, you obtain the benefits of a product coming from ecological agriculture, that is, that only traditional ways of growing are used. In this case, the newly germinated seeds are free from traces of herbicides, pesticides or signs of artificial fertilizers. For this reason, it is guaranteed that it is a 100% natural and high quality food. Ideal for a balanced diet.

    Facts of Chia Germinar Geo from Biocop

    • Based on seeds of freshly sprouted Chia (Salvia hispanica)
    • High amounts of omega-3 fatty acids
    • Helps to control LDL cholesterol
    • Excellent source of fiber and nutrients
    • Minerals such as calcium and potassium
    • With antioxidant qualities
    • Controls the so-called free radicals

    This product allows to have in a simple way the very popular seeds of Chia, which are widely recognized for their health qualities, as they contribute omega 3, fiber, calcium, potassium and have obvious antioxidant qualities.

    Recommended use: they can be eaten with any dish, being very easy to prepare or to eat directly without any cooking. Important: they must be consumed once opened the bag that contains them. If not, then they should be placed immediately inside the refrigerator.

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