Wine Castell D'age Rose from Biocop is a delicious and special young wine. Made with strawberries and raspberries carefully selected. Perfect to accompany fish, pasta, meat and appetizers. It has a delicious flavor and an aroma of forest fruits. Designed to accompany and enhance the taste of meals.

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    Wine Castell D'age Rose from Biocop is the perfect wine to enhance the flavor of your dishes.

    Wine Castell D'age Rose from Biocop is an exquisite young wine. A product made from strawberries and raspberries, which were carefully selected. Its well thought out elaboration has as a result a delicious flavor, a beautiful ruby color and a rich aroma of forest fruits. Ideal to take it during family meals or with friends, in order to provide a very pleasant and delicious moment. Best of all, it has the perfect alcohol level so that you can only enhance the taste of the food and not counteract it. It is recommended to serve between 7ºC and 10ºC.

    Wine Castell D'age Rose from Biocop is a wine that has the purpose of enriching your meals as it should. It is the best wine with which you can accompany pasta, white meat, appetizers, fish, among others. You can greatly improve the experience during meals with this product. It is not only culture, but also sophistication and taste. It is the best way to stimulate the palate and appreciate the art of wine with gastronomy. If you want to improve your social, loving or business relationship, this is a good product, which everyone will like for its unique flavor. It is a perfect wine to accompany with food, it will give your dishes a special and magical touch.

    Wine Castell D'age Rose from Biocop is a product that combines properly with food, making it an art. It has the power to reinforce the taste of food, instead of counteracting it like other wines do. It is a wine that the organism assimilates easily. In addition, we must remember that wine is a natural product that is made by fermentation. The consumption of this wine should be moderate, to enjoy its aroma and flavor correctly. With this wine you can make a good pairing, creating an incredible harmony between food and wine.

    Facts of Wine Castell D'age Rose from Biocop

    • Rich flavor.
    • Ruby color.
    • Delicious aroma of berries.
    • Ideal to take during meals with family or friends.
    • Young wine.
    • Designed to accompany meals.
    • Enhance the flavor of your dishes.

    Wine Castell D'age Rose from Biocop is an incredible and delicious wine that will surprise you from the first drink. It is important to take into account that the wine helps to perceive the flavors of the food much better, this is thanks to the astringent properties with which it avoids any sensation of fat caused by the meat, allowing to taste the food correctly. There is no other beverage that can overcome this wine when accompanying food.

    Recommended use: as a young wine, it is ideal to take it with meats, pastas, appetizers and fish.

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