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Cashew rapunzel - 2.5 kg

Cashew Rapunzel from Biocop are cashews toasted and lightly salted, of exquisite taste, very aromatic. Cashews are toasted with hot air. Thus all its flavor and aroma unfolds and they are wonderfully crunchy. Toasted with palm oil from fair trade.

    Cashew Rapunzel from Biocop, the best way to give your body a lot of nutrients and proteins, perfect and ideal for you.

    Cashew Rapunzel from Biocop is considered a dry fruit, due to its poor water content. This low water content means an increase in the proportion of nutrients worth 100 g of food weight, which is why they are very concentrated in nutrients and therefore very nutritious. They are very rich in fats, vegetable protein, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin E, folic acid, selenium and phytosterols. Cashew fats are good quality and healthy, help improve heart health and are necessary for the proper operation of the nervous system. Cashew Rapunzel from Biocop also balances its high fat content with its phytosterol content. These components decrease the intestinal absorption of cholesterol, contributing to lower their levels.

    Cashew Rapunzel from Biocop like most nuts, has a high amount of protein. This protein is of vegetable origin, and is poor in two amino acids, called lysine and methionine. If an exclusively vegetarian diet is carried out, Cashew Rapunzel from Biocop should be combined with cereals and legumes. If we want to increase the amount of protein in our diet in a healthy way, we can take 3 or 4 weekly rations of nuts, such as cashew nuts, which will help us increase the total daily protein intake, but also help us improve our nutrition, because it is a food rich in nutrients.

    Cashew Rapunzel from Biocop unlike other nuts are not very rich in fiber, as they contain only 3g of fiber per 100g. This does not mean that its consumption is not beneficial, since it contains many other healthy nutrients. In fact, compared to other foods such as lettuce, Cashew Rapunzel from Biocop is much richer in fiber as it trebles their content. They are also some of the richest foods in copper, a trace element necessary for the formation of certain enzymes involved in the flexibilization of blood vessels. They also provide a lot of magnesium, a mineral needed for muscle relaxation and good heart function.

    Facts of Cashew Rapunzel from Biocop

    • Ideal to eat as a snack.
    • Provides a lot of nutrients and proteins.
    • The fats they provide help improve the health of the heart and the proper operation of the nervous system.
    • Provides a lot of magnesium, a mineral needed for muscle relaxation.

    Cashew Rapunzel from Biocop is perfect for those people looking to increase their consumption of proteins naturally, and also provide a lot of nutrients.

    Recommended Use: to eat at any time of the day or as an ingredient of dishes and desserts.

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