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Geo Carrot Sow - 4 g

This magnificent ecological product called Geo Carrot Sow from Biocop brings a prodigious amount of ecological seeds to be able to grow rich carrots in orchards or homemade pots. They stand out for being seeds that grow leafy, in almost any land, without pesticides or toxic elements, preferably near to sunlight and in splendidly ventilated spaces.

    Geo Carrot Sow from Biocop is ideal to enjoy the best fresh, juicy and very natural carrots in a few weeks.

    Geo Carrot Sow from Biocop is a fantastic product that includes a few natural seeds to plant delicious carrots at home.

    They are a very fantastic variety of ecological seeds that become carrots of excellent quality, since they grow beautifully, as long as you maintain the soil humid and fertilized. After a few weeks of painstaking care, these seeds will offer you fresh carrots, 100% natural and, of course, very rich in vitamins, mineral salts, antioxidants and natural sugars.

    The seeds of Geo Carrot Sow from Biocop are related to many advantages, for example, they help the ecosystem to produce vegetables in a sustainable way, without using artificial fertilizers or similar products. It is the best way to enjoy succulent carrots infinitely fresh and juicy, that is, how much you love them, so you can add them as many times as you like to your favorite salads, stews, juices, among other recipes. Growing at home is synonymous with joy and is much easier than you think

    On the one hand, these seeds gives an incredible result, as they grow leafy in well-ventilated areas, and where sunlight reflects, of course, anywhere, be it an orchard or a pot, but the only disadvantage is that it cannot bear fruits in clayey soils. Even these seeds can be next to other plants and / or herbs, basil, for example, and still, give appetizing carrots. Now, this will be possible if you keep the soil where these organic seeds were planted always wet and superbly fertilized.

    The moment you get used to planting these excellent seeds of Geo Carrot Sow from Biocop, you can harvest carrots in small or large sizes, since they are really delicious at any stage, but pay attention to the fact that the soil better be quite loose, so that the plant lasts for a long time and you can enjoy an exquisite vegetable source and producer of splendid organic and/or homemade carrots

    In addition, it should be noted that having these seeds of Geo Carrot Sow from Biocop at home is a very good choice, as carrots add to your meals excellent nutrients such as a lot of fiber, antioxidants, vitamin E, B, and a certain amount of vitamins C, also mineral salts such as potassium, magnesium, iodine, calcium, bromine, copper, and iron. Likewise, organic carrots are very rich in natural sugars, which are transformed into abundant energy.

    Facts of Geo Carrot Sow from Biocop

    • Organic seeds grow very well.
    • Bears its fruit in almost any soil, preferably near to sunlight.
    • Needs humid and fertilized soil.
    • Offers completely fresh, natural and delicious carrots.
    • This exquisite product is rich in fiber, mineral salts, vitamins and sugars.

    Carrots are excellent for your meals, however, now it is not necessary to include them in your shopping list as these peculiar seeds of Geo Carrot Sow from Biocop will allow you to grow them at home and, in a short time, enjoy the most exquisite, incredible and super nutritious carrots. Plant them now!

    Recommended use: preferably, sow them from February to October, in orchard or pot with soil, a distance between 25 to 30 cm. When the plant reaches about seven centimeters, it will be spaced. It is suggested to water deeply, until the grass absorbs the water, and whenever there is a need to water.

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