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Carrot Juice - 750ml

Carrot Juice from Biocop is a rich natural drink from biological farming that provides vitamins and minerals which are preserved intact because its processing is done non-invasively with natural carrots to support health care. Ideal for all those people who lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Carrot Juice from Biocop

    Zumo de zanahoria Biocop is a rich drink made with raw and natural carrot, mixed with concentrated lemon juice from organic farming, without preservatives to provide the body with a high amount of nutrients as well as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, carotenes, provitamin A and B vitamins. This product has been packaged under strict safety and hygiene standards, presented in a vacuum-packed glass container, which, once opened, can be kept well-covered in a refrigerator to preserve its flavor and properties. Carrot juice is a great way to start the day full of energy and vitality, it is recommended for athletes to consume it since its great energizing properties will be of great help to provide energy for training.

    Carrot Juice from Biocop has as a basic ingredient is the carrot, a vegetable that Biocop has used as the main ingredient of this product for being rich in beta carotenes and antioxidants. This carrot juice is a drink rich in vitamins and minerals of pleasant taste and one of the most suitable for those people who take care of their health through the intake of natural and healthy products that provide all the nutritional values. This is a drink to enjoy, which also strengthens and provides you with energy. Consuming Carrot Juice from Biocop favors the intestinal transit due to its fiber content, therefore the digestive function, combats constipation, its high content of potassium and phosphorus revitalizes by giving energy and reduces fatigue, it is a good ally for skin care. Its vitamins and minerals also have an effect on the revitalization of the nails and hair and opens the possibility that they will grow faster and stronger.

    Facts of Carrot Juice from Biocop

    • Rich in beta carotenes
    • Excellent antioxidant
    • Ideal to provide you with energy to stay active all day
    • Practical and attractive container, ideal to be kept in the refrigerator once the container is opened and ideal to be consumed immediately
    • Ingredients from organic farming
    • Contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals

    Start your day happily consuming a rich and delicious glass of Carrot Juice from Biocop provides you with an inexhaustible source of vitamins and minerals that make you look radiant and with a soft and smooth skin. Ideal to start the day with great vitality and energy. Great source of antioxidant which makes it attractive for all those people who want to decrease the levels of free radicals in their body.

    Recommended use: it can be ingested by children and adults, women and men every morning. It can be consumed during the day at room temperature or deliciously cold.

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