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Capers bioster - 200 g

Capers bioster are organic alcohol vinegar capers, its ingredients comes from organic farming, like all Biocop products. It is an urgent ingredient in the preparation of vinaigrettes and tartar sauce, and its excellent flavor makes it a garnish of salads.

    Capers Bioster from Biocop: Mediterranean's taste, healthier than ever with bio quality capers.

    Capers Bioster from Biocop is an aperitif or a dressing, the way you want to be consume or prepare, which is made from organic cereal alcohol vinegar, ready to prepare dressings like vinaigrette and sauce such as tartar. The biological characteristic of these capers is a point to take into account, that jumps the conventional and gives a more natural, healthy, and responsible touch to your daily diet. Capers in vinegar provide a considerable nutritional value and by including them in our diet, we are adding protein and fiber to the body in a vegetable way, in addition to having a natural and spontaneous antioxidant. For this reason, when consuming capers instead of some other "greasy" aperitif, you are producing nutrients instead of damaging the body and your figure.

    Capers Bioster from Biocop is ideal for the preparation of salads, hot and cold dishes, dressings, sauces and pickles with all the characteristic flavor of the capers, which is slightly bitter, to give a strong and sharp touch to dishes. A wide range of types of salads can be prepared, such as vegetable salad, egg salad, potato salad and lettuce, Russian salad (Olivier salad). It is a ingredient special for fish dishes. One of the most common uses of cereal alcohol vinegar capers is as an ingredient in the preparation of sauces, such as tartar or gribiche sauce, and most of all, mixed with mayonnaise.

    Capers Bioster from Biocop has properties that are very beneficial, from being an antioxidant snack to an incredible diuretic. Biological capers are best for good digestion and care of intestinal transit, for their tonic benefits to the stomach, such as spontaneous increase of appetite. It also stands out for its enormous richness in flavoids (routine, lutein, quercetin), which prevent many cardiovascular problems.

    Facts of Capers Bioster from Biocop

    • Caper in cereal alcohol vinegar
    • EU certified organic farming
    • Ideal for the preparation of salads
    • Ingredient for preparation of sauces
    • Provides nutrients naturally
    • Aperitif with antioxidants and diuretic properties
    • Helps the proper operation of the digestive system
    • Whets appetite
    • Healthy and environmentally friendly product

    Capers Bioster from Biocop are essential in many dishes, because of their flavor and the style they give to food, being the primordial ingredient in snacks, and in many places it is used to prepare from meals, which are very popular in Central and South America, to "the vitel toné" (dish originating in Italy). It also has some benefits for people who play sports, as one study concluded that capers contain substances that protect chondrocytes (joint cells).

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, prepare for hot and cold dishes, such as dressing, vinaigrettes and in sauce such as tartar. Keep in a cool and dry place protected from light so that it does not get damaged.

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