Urtekram Roses Body Lotion from Biocop is the product ideal for the care of your skin, as it will help you have a very smooth, hydrated and much younger skin. Moreover, this lotion leaves a very sweet and pleasant smell of roses throughout your body, which will make you feel a sense of freshness you have never experienced before. With this lotion your skin will never be dry again.

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Urtekram Roses Body Lotion from Biocop is the complement perfect for your personal hygiene.

The best product on the market for cleaning your body and personal hygiene is this body lotion with smell of roses, made by the brand Urtekram, because it will help you, to a large extend, to have a smoother, cleaner and more hydrated skin with every passing day you use this product.

It is a lotion that can be used by all members of the family without worrying about sufferring from negative effects. It is perfect for use after having a shower, as it will leave a very sweet and pleasant smell of roses on your skin that no other product of this kind can. With this product the time you spend under the shower will not be the same, as with Urtekram Roses Body Lotion from Biocop can make a better cleaning all your body, besides, this product will help you have a skin that looks much younger and with a glow you will like a lot. The smell of roses that this lotion leaves on your body is very sweet, so you can continue using your favorite perfume without worrying about a clash of smells.

You can apply this lotion at any time of the day, however, it highly recommended to do it after having a shower, as the pores of the skin are wider and therefore this product will penetrate much faster in your skin, which gives greater effective action of Urtekram Roses Body Lotion from Biocop and thus better benefits. From the very first day you start using this lotion, you are going to notice as your skin stop getting dry and becomes increasingly smooth. Your skin will look shinier, which will be very good for your personal appearance, you will feel freshness throughout your body that make you feel better in those sunny days.

This product can be perfectly used by children because the properties of this lotion are going to contribute for them to have a nicer skin during their growth.

Facts of Urtekram Roses Body Lotion from Biocop

  • This body lotion will help to have a much smoother skin.
  • You can get a skin much more hydrated every day and free of dryness.
  • Excellent aroma of roses.
  • You will have a much cleaner skin by using this body lotion.

Our personal hygiene is one of the most important aspects of our life, for this reason, we cannot miss the opportunity to try this product that will help a lot our personal hygiene and that of the  people living with us at home.

Recommended use: it is recommended to use it after taking a shower and should be applied throughout the body, mostly in arms and legs.

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