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Urtekram Nordic Birch Body Lotion for Dry Skin - 245 ml

Urtekram Nordic Birch Body Lotion for Dry Skin from Biocop is the best moisturizer. Thanks to its properties, the hydration of your skin will happen in a very effective way. Its main objective is to regenerate the skin and give it a fresh and smooth appearance. All this with the strategic choice of hydrating compounds, which have been obtain from completely natural sources.

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    Urtekram Nordic Birch Body Lotion for Dry Skin from Biocop will give your skin its life back.

    If you want to restore your youth, then Urtekram Nordic Birch Body Lotion for Dry Skin from Biocop is the product you need because it will provide your skin with fantastic results. In addition to leaving that unattractive dryness in the past, it will also give your skin a unique shine.

    All its ingredients are natural and ecological extracts of birch and horsetail. It is an effective lotion that shows its effects very quick. After a daily and responsible application, your skin will have the power to renew itself, thanks to the properties of this lotion.

    Everyone is aware of how important skin care is. For this reason, we must pay attention to it, constantly. And there is no better product than this body lotion to be able to achieve that, which was specially made with the sole intention of beautifying the skin and get the best out of it. It is a unique product that provides a mixture of ingredients for the same purpose, all recognized for their moisturizing character.

    In addition to offering excellent results on the skin, it also works as a protector against the sunrays. This body lotion is well assimilated by the body thanks to its easy absorption. In the same way, it must be taken into account that it is completely free of fats. Its finish, despite of being glossy, it gives a natural and unique impression.

    In pursuit of customer satisfaction and comfort, the product comes in a medium-sized dispenser, which promotes its application or transfer in gigantic magnitudes. It is a lotion with a fair duration. Likewise, there is no need to use large quantities, since by applying small quantities, equally wonderful results are obtained. And even, in the long run, thanks to its duration, one can get more out of it.

    Facts of Urtekram Nordic Birch Body Lotion for Dry Skin from Biocop:

    • Helps have a silky and glowing skin.
    • Does not have any chemical ingredient or surface substances.
    • Protects the skin from the effects of sunrays.
    • Its ingredients are natural extracts.
    • Made based on 100% moisturizing components.

    The skin covers the whole body, therefore, keeping it in optimal conditions is the priority of most people. So, you should do that too, by not neglecting it or exposing it to sunrays without first applying Urtekram Nordic Birch Body Lotion for Dry Skin from Biocop to it. It is a product highly recommended by professionals, as its results are positive and have a very healthy nutritive value for the skin.

    Recommended use: apply it only after bathing or after general cleaning of the face and other body parts. You have to apply throughout the body using the amounts that best suit you. Distribute it well throughout the skin for optimal results.

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