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Urtekram Coconut Body Lotion - 245 ml

If you have dry skin and you do not know yet how to hydrate it, then Urtekram Coconut Body Lotion from Biocop is the perfect product for you, which will provide your skin with a feeling of exquisite freshness, healthy look and natural beauty that you have never experienced before. Moreover, it is made from 100% natural excellent ingredients.

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    Urtekram Coconut Body Lotion from Biocop, perfect hydration for your skin at your fingertips.

    Whether in a summer or winter afternoon, with this coconut body lotion you can have your soft, as this product gives your skin a very good quality hydration, freshness and excellent fragrance that will make it look as beautiful and soft as any.

    Because Urtekram Coconut Body Lotion from Biocop contains a highly effective and wonderful natural complement, hyaluronic acid, you can experience a remarkable change in your skin, due to the toning and softening properties it has, and thus relieving the dryness of your skin and balancing the hydrogen potential in it. It also contains glycerine, various natural oils and aloe vera, which enhance its effects on the skin. With Urtekram Coconut Body Lotion from Biocop you can forget those unwanted spills because one of its objectives to prevent that, which finally was solved by the innovative design of its container, giving comfort and easy of use, featuring a fabulous dispenser that manage even the last drop, and thus allowing to save money, unlike other products out there.

    Our family and ourselves deserve to live a good life, full of joy, success and health, and that includes a clean, protected, soft and scented skin. Urtekram Coconut Body Lotion from Biocop is ready to provide you with each of these benefits, bringing all nutrients necessary for perfect skin care. The convenient time to use this coconut lotion is just after you have taken a shower, as at that precise time the pores of the skin are open and the effect of this product is much faster. From the very first day you start using this lotion you are going to notice very positive changes on your skin, namely, much more softness, shine and a younger look without traces of dryness, but that is not all, the results build up and get better with each application.

    Facts of Urtekram Coconut Body Lotion from Biocop

    • Delicious aroma of coconut coming from natural coconut oil.
    • Ingredients from 100% natural origen.
    • Hydrates and tones your skin.
    • Contains hyaluronic acid.
    • Several vegans ingredients.

    Stop looking right now! and dare to feel a shining skin, well hydrated and healthy, that allows you to feel confident every time you hug your friends, family and acquaintances. It makes you feel good and boosts your self-esteem. With this lotion your skin has available everything it needs to look  good and get better everyday. It is value for money and the results are guaranteed, therefore it is possible for you to live better, enjoy and show to the World the most shining skin you have ever dreamed of. Buy it now and there will not be any regrets!

    Recommended use: use after the shower. For longer and better preservation, keep it away from high temperatures; close correctly after each use to prevent excess humidity and oxidation.

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