Blueberry Compote from Biocop is an excellent product, made with the freshest, ripest and most natural blueberries, prepared over a low heat to maintain its smell, flavor and the wonderful benefits of the fruit, is perfect to combine it with the most delicious toast of a breakfast, or even to prepare the perfect snack for you and your family.

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    Blueberry Compote from Biocop, a wonderful product, perfect to enjoy the taste and benefits of blueberry that will be with you in every bite.

    Blueberry Compote from Biocop is a wonderful product that has a delicious natural and healthy flavor, it is made with fresh and ripe blueberries that come from an ecological agriculture, its making is designed in the traditional way by means of the accomplishment of a minimum cooking, reason why it manages to maintain the benefits of the fruit, its rich flavor and its fresh, natural blueberry aroma. It is a completely natural and healthy product, which makes it perfect for sportsmen, athletes, children, young people and adults among others. This wonderful natural and healthy compote does not have gluten, wheat, or sugars as it is sweetened with the famous apple juice concentrate, because it is completely natural can be consumed at breakfast (which is the most important food of the day) be it spread on toast, flapjacks or pancakes, without forgetting that you can prepare a lot of delicious and sweet recipes with it, in addition to this rich compote is perfect to be consumed by vegans, vegetarians and celiacs.

    Blueberry Compote from Biocop is a wonderful product that has all the benefits of the blueberry fruit. Fruits are very important in our body and thanks to this compote is more fun to enjoy the taste and benefits of blueberry. Among the benefits of blueberry we have the fact of being free of fat and sodium, cholesterol free and high in fiber, refreshing, tonic, astringent, diuretic and possessing vitamin C and vitamin K, lowers cholesterol, blood pressure and helps reduce oxidative stress, improve sight, help keep your brain in good condition, even entering into old age and also the color of blueberries is caused by a group of flavonoids called anthocyanin, which have a powerful antioxidant. All these wonderful benefits offered by blueberry are wonderful and necessary for our organism and important in our daily life.

    Blueberry Compote from Biocop is a perfect and delicious compote, perfect for preparing diverse and delicious sweet dishes such as rich cakes, delicious cookies, wonderful slices of sweet bread and more delicacies, it is also perfect for the nutritious breakfast or for the perfect snack, it also can be used to spread on toast, pancakes, slices of bread, crackers and more. This delicious blueberry compote is perfect to share with your whole family or with your friends, to have a good time savoring the delicious flavor of this compote.

    Facts of Blueberry Compote from Biocop

    • Made in a traditional way.
    • Does not have gluten, wheat and sugars.
    • Made with fresh blueberries.
    • Perfect for vegans, vegetarians and coeliacs.
    • Has the benefits of blueberries.
    • Perfect for making desserts.
    • For a perfect breakfast.
    • To prepare rich snacks.

    Blueberry Compote from Biocop can be consumed by everyone, whether children, young people or adults, sportsmen, athletes, gymnasts, vegetarians, vegans, celiacs and many more. When preparing delicacies with this great and prefect product, remember that the taste and benefits of blueberry will be with you in every bite.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, spread on what you like or use it to prepare delicious sweet, healthy and nutritious dishes. 2018-04-26 15:28:14
    Fecha de caducidad de la compota de arándanos Biocop? .Muchas gracias.
    Beltran 2018-04-27 10:29:31
    Hola si no aparece en la web la fecha mande un correo a info@masmusculo.comUn saludo
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    Fecha caducidad de la compota arándanos de Biocop?.
    Beltran 2018-04-24 10:21:12
    Hola mande un Correo a para que mis compañeros se la digan ya que no aparece en la web.Un saludo
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