Blackberry Compote from Biocop is a compote made from blackberries and sweetened with a concentrated apple juice. It has a delicious flavor and a rich aroma. It is perfect to eat at breakfast or as a snack, you can even add them to your desserts. It is ideal for children, adults and sportsmen.

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Blackberry Compote from Biocop is a product that will fill your life with a delicious taste.

Blackberry Compote from Biocop is a delicious and healthy compote, which was made with ripe blackberries by means of the minimum cooking to guarantee all the aroma and incredible flavor of the fruit. This product was developed in the traditional way and has the best ingredients. Best of all, it comes from organic farming and brings important nutritional advantages, which makes it a better product than the others available commercially.

Blackberry Compote from Biocop is a product that has been developed based on blackberry, a fruit that has been recognized for being one of the healthiest fruits. The blackberry is in the group of antioxidants thanks to its anthocyanins, minerals and vitamins. This fruit also has the ability to combat constipation and contribute to the absorption of iron thanks to its content of vitamin C. For that reason it has been the core ingredient of this product, which is worth consuming. This is a product that you can spread on bread, crackers, sweet biscuits, among others. This product is recommended for everyone, ranging from children to seniors and sportsmen. If you are an athlete and you get hungry after a hard workout, then try this healthy and delicious compote. It is even advisable to consume if you are on a diet.

Blackberry Compote from Biocop favors all levels of health as it is an incredible source of vitamin C and this vitamin is a very important nutrient for what is human health. In addition, it has a low fat content, so it is a better option than eating ice cream or those typical desserts. If you are looking to control your weight, this can be a great helps thanks to how healthy it is. It is a product that conserves all those vitamins, nutrients and properties of blackberry. What makes it perfect not only for children, but also for the elderly. You can not miss this delicious product that brings us many benefits and serves to give us a good taste. Try it by adding it to desserts, as part of the breakfast or as part of snacks.

Facts of Blackberry Compote from Biocop

  • Does not contain added sugars.
  • Sweetened with a concentrated apple juice.
  • Thick texture.
  • Contains pieces of fruit.
  • Provides vitamin C.
  • Delicious taste.
  • Recommended for athletes and people who are on a diet.

Blackberry Compote from Biocop is an incredible compote that serves to eat as a dessert, breakfast or snack, perfect for those who wish to eat something delicious but healthy at the same time. It is ideal for children, athletes, adults and seniors. By consuming this product you will also be providing your body with vitamins. This natural product is the best on the market. It will fascinate you!

Recommended use: as a consumer product, consume by adding it to bread, toast, cookies, among others. It serves for breakfast and lunch.

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