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Black Grape Juice Vitamont - 6 x 20cl

Black Grape Juice Vitamont from Biocop is a delicious and nutritious juice made from natural black grapes coming from 100% ecological farming, without added preservatives. It comes in handy tetra pak with a drinking straw to facilitate tasting. Ideal for any snack or lunch.

    Black Grape Juice Vitamont from Biocop, ideal to enjoy all the benefits of black grapes at your fingertips.

    Black Grape Juice Vitamont from Biocop is a tasty juice of natural black grape that comes from organic farming, it does not contain artificial preservatives in order to support the health care. Ideal for all those who want to lead a totally healthy lifestyle.

    Black Grape Juice Vitamont from Biocop is rich in potassium which helps to transmit and generate nerve impulses, allows normal muscle activity and generates a balance of water in the body; and on the other hand, the white grape has a greater amount of sugars, having a higher caloric intake than black grapes, it also inputs a great amount of fiber, which is very good for intestinal transit and achieve a balance in the body. The juice of black grapes has a high amount of folic acid, this nutrient is essential because it is part of the maintenance processes of the brain, tissues and skin. With regard to the amount of antioxidants, the black or purple grapes have a higher percentage than the other types of grapes.

    Black Grape Juice Vitamont from Biocop stands out when consuming it in the protection of the immune system, it helps when we suffer from body weakness. Its high fiber content is highly valued, along with its vitamins and minerals, because it is markedly superior to the content of most fruits. Black Grape Juice Vitamont from Biocop is a product made by Vitamont, a French company that is dedicated to the production of fruit juices and vegetables and other beverages with 100% organic ingredients. This means that in the production of its products no artificial preservatives or chemical products are used in the crops, always guaranteeing high quality natural products.

    Facts of Black Grape Juice Vitamont from Biocop

    • Made with 100% natural ingredients
    • Rich in vitamins and antioxidants
    • Rich in Flavonoids and Vitamin C
    • Contributes to the care of the immune system
    • Helps to combat Free Radicals
    • Protects the cardiovascular system
    • Acts as a good laxative
    • Cleans harmful toxins from the body
    • Contains a trio of antioxidants: Resveratrol, Tannins and Anthocyanins
    • Improves intestinal transit
    • Free of sugar, preservatives or colorings

    Black Grape Juice Vitamont from Biocop is ideal for people who want to strengthen their immune system, protect the cardiovascular system, have problems with constipation or eliminate all harmful toxins from their body. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of black grapes buy Black Grape Juice Vitamont from Biocop. What are you waiting? Try it now!

    Recommended use: as a food supplement, take at breakfast, snack or as a soda. Shake before consuming. Preferably, pour cold. Keep at room temperature. Once opened, it retains a few days in the refrigerator.

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