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Biopillows Black Chocolate - 300g

Biopillows Black Chocolate from Biocop is a rich brown rice cereal flavored with chocolate, filled with a delicious dark chocolate, does not contain gluten therefore can be consumed by people who do not tolerate it and diabetics too. This cereal brings energy and vitality, as it contains vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids.

    Biopillows Black Chocolate from Biocop, fill your life with energy, vitality and all the benefits of this delicious cereal. Try it now!

    Biopillows Black Chocolate from Biocop is a cereal made from brown rice flour and dark chocolate from cocoa, the first is considered one of the most nutritionally balanced cereals, ie, this flour contains more vitamins, minerals and fiber than regular white flour and other derived, in addition to this it contains the essential amino acids that the body can not produce by itself but which play a very important role in the correct operation of the organism. In this same sense, we can mention that it does not contain gluten, so it is even healthier and favorable to be consumed by anyone.

    Biopillows Black Chocolate from Biocop, its exquisite taste of dark chocolate on its outer layer and filling, and perfect crunchy texture make this food product ideal for breakfast, allowing you to start the day with more energy and recharged to carry out the planned activities; in addition, it can be consumed in the snacks of mid-morning or in the evenings without any problem, since it contains everything necessary for that purpose. On the other hand, by containing this type of flour provides its customers with a significant amount of nutrients that are indispensable and must be purchased through food.

    Biopillows Black Chocolate from Biocop is specially designed for adults, sportsmen, athletes, among others, that require a food rich in nutrients that gives them energy and all the properties is that it contains; not only offers a product with a rich flavor, but also easy to carry since it can be eaten on its own, ie, without milk, yogurt or vegetable drink; the consumption of this cereal helps or benefits people with migraine, or those who want or need to lose weight, as it regulates intestinal transit and prevents constipation because of its high fiber content. It should be noted that the ingredients used for the elaboration of this delicious cereal come from organic farming, therefore, its making is environmentally friendly.

    Facts of Biopillows Black Chocolate from Biocop

    • Delicious taste
    • Made from brown rice flour
    • Black chocolate filling
    • Crunchy texture
    • Combinable with milk, yogurt or any vegetable drink
    • Ingredients from organic farming
    • Ideal for breakfast or snacks
    • For adults

    Biopillows Black Chocolate from Biocop offers a delicious breakfast or snack, with vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids essential and favorable for the human being, which makes this product a complete and wonderful food. Pure energy!

    Recommended Use: eat at breakfast or as snack, on its own or accompanied with milk, yogurt or any vegetable drink.

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