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Watercress Germinate Geo - 35g

Watercress Germinate Geo from Biocop offers the opportunity to grow excellent seeds of this plant in a germinating tray. It is a vegetable organism frequently used to make salads, as well as other types of gastronomic preparations. It can be indicated that watercress is extremely nutritious, because it provides the body with vitamins and minerals.

    Watercress Germinate Geo from Biocop, ideal for salads.

    Watercress Germinate Geo from Biocop is an excellent option to cultivate watercress sprouts at home, which are useful for salads and accompany various recipes. It consists of freshly germinated watercress plants (Nasturtiumofficinale).

    These are ready to be put on a germinating tray and let grow for a few days to have them as fresh as nutritious. Their stems are quite tender, nutritious and offer a crunchy texture when biting them. It is important to note that watercress has a long history in the domestic kitchen and is highly valued in the preparation of salads. To this it is added that it offers an extremely strong sensation in the palate. In addition, it offers a much stronger flavor if consumed in the format of freshly germinated seeds. You can not miss the opportunity to enjoy fresh watercress, grown in the comfort of home thanks to a germinating tray. In a food extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Therefore, its consumption is widely recommended in the habitual diet of people, both for its taste and for its nutritional properties.

    The use of watercress is quite widespread internationally. It is a plant that grows easily in humid areas such as streams, swamps or lakes. In addition, it is easy to put on germinating trays in the comfort of home, so that it can be eaten fresh. One of the advantages of this food is that it has huge amounts of vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C and D. It also provides the body with various minerals such as calcium, potassium, iodine, iron and phosphorus. It is a type of culinary ingredient very versatile, hygienic, great taste and with an unquestionable nutritional value. In addition, in the case of this product only watercress seeds obtained from organic farming are used, so they are completely natural.

    Facts of Watercress Germinate Geo from Biocop

    • Excellent for salads, soups and other preparations
    • Container with a portion of freshly sprouted watercress seeds
    • Crunchy texture and strong flavor on the palate
    • Watercress provides the body with vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and D
    • With important minerals: calcium, potassium, iodine, iron and phosphorus
    • Product obtained exclusively from organic farming
    • Attractive and practical container

    Watercress is one of the most nutritious vegetables and recommended by nutritionists. In addition, this product is offered to the public in the form of freshly germinated seeds, which increases both their qualities and their nutritional values.

    Recommended use: use watercress sprouts in salads, soups or eat them directly to take advantage of its crunchy texture, penetrating aroma and intense flavor. Ideal for the daily diet and every occasion.

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