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Azukis from Biocop is a food supplement from organic farming with a high content of proteins of high biological value to eat along with salads, stews, chopped vegetables or cereals and, thus, supplement a healthy diet. To top it off, it also provides health to the kidneys and digestive system.

    Azukis from Biocop: delicious ecological supplement to add to a healthy diet and contribute to the health of the kidneys.

    Azukis from Biocop is a very nutritious food supplement with a high protein content to eat in stews, salads, chopped vegetables or along with cereals and thus supplement a highly healthy diet. In addition, this food from organic farming is very beneficial for the proper operation of the kidneys and digestive system.

    Usually, the Azukis are red legumes in the form of kidney that possess incredible beneficial properties for the organism since they are depurative and in turn they contain a large amount of nutrients to improve health. Among some advantages of incorporating Azukis into the diet is that they are rich in proteins very easy to digest, in addition, they favor the digestive process, helping to regenerate the intestinal flora and combat constipation. On the other hand, its consumption has been associated with the good operation of the kidneys, since they produce a good depurative effect. The good news is that Biocop has devised the best product based on Azukis from organic farming to enjoy all the advantages.

    Best of all, because it is an ecological supplement, it means that it does not contain artificial colorings or other ingredients that could impair our health, on the contrary, Azukis from Biocop offers a natural and very healthy consumption for our organism. Also, if it is of our preference, we can consume it in stews, salads, chopped vegetables and even cereals. Undoubtedly, it contributes a soft texture and a very palatable flavor. Azukis from Biocop comes in a convenient pack that is easy to prepare and add to the recipes. While other supplements are harmful and complicated to use in the kitchen, Azukis from Biocop is very rich, healthy and practical when preparing a meal and being on a balanced diet. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians or sportsmen.

    Facts of Azukis from Biocop

    • Azukis from organic farming
    • Rich in proteins of high biological value
    • Supplement a healthy and balanced diet
    • Stimulates the health of the kidneys and also stimulates an adequate digestive process
    • Offers 100% natural and healthy consumption, this product is suitable for vegans, vegetarians or athletes
    • Smooth texture and appetizing taste
    • Practical and attractive pack

    Our body requires good nutrition, purification and correct operation, therefore, Azukis from Biocop is the supplement we just need to achieve it. Ideal for all those who wish to lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Recommended use: wash Azukis with plenty of water and soak for about 6 to 8 hours with a piece of kombu seaweed. Then simmer 1 measure of Azukis with 2 measures of water for about 45 - 60 minutes. Serve and enjoy.

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