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Vitamont Apricot Nectar - 6 x 20 cl

Vitamont Apricot Nectar from Biocop is a delicious energy drink based on apricot, a fruit rich in fiber and antioxidants. It comes in presentation of a pack of 6 units, which can be carried comfortably anywhere. Besides, it is sweetened naturally with agave syrup.

    Take Vitamont Apricot Nectar from Biocop anywhere you want and enjoy the delicious taste of drink fit for a god.

    Vitamont Apricot Nectar from Biocop is a completely natural juice, with apricot flavor, which is a fruit very rich in beneficial elements and nutrients such as iron, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, among others, which, undoubtedly, benefit the good functioning of the organism and prevent or relieve certain health problems.

    It is sweetened with agave syrup, which is the result of sugars found in certain fruits, for example, pineapple, therefore, it does not contain any type of artificial additives or sweeteners that may be harmful for the consumer. In this sense, it is essential to mention that the ingredients used to made this delicious drink come from organic farming, which ensures its excellent quality and purity.

    This delicious energy nectar is great to take anywhere you go and drink at the time you want, either a break during work hours, educational activities, or sports, which makes it a staple in snacks and breakfast, but also if you want to enjoy a soft drink. It comes in a practical presentation of 4 units, being very easy to accommodate in any space of a bag or backpack, among others. In addition to this, each of them has a straw for more convenient and pleasant drinking. In this same order of ideas, Vitamont Apricot Nectar from Biocop offers a drink of great flavor and quality, which helps boost the levels of energy, avoiding the appearance of fatigue and exhaustion, in addition to refreshing the body during hot days.

    Vitamont Apricot Nectar from Biocop is a perfect drink for the enjoyment of anyone. Thanks to its properties and benefits, athletes, children and people, in general, can drink this nectar, whether they work or study, to provide their body with an extra of energy, and thus successfully complete their activities and daily chores. Now, this wonderful nectar is the ideal complement for your snacks, and when you need to refresh yourself with something delicious and nutritious, that brings with it certain health benefits.

    Facts of Vitamont Apricot Nectar from Biocop

    • Energy drink.
    • Sweetened with agave syrup.
    • Pack of 6 units.
    • Size of 20 cl.
    • Has straws.
    • Ideal virtually everyone, including kids, adults and old people.
    • From organic farming.

    Take Vitamont Apricot Nectar from Biocop wherever you want and enjoy a sweet, but also healthy drink that feels pleasant on the palate and refreshes your body after any activity. No doubt, now you have the best drink at your fingertips. However, no surprises, since that is the way Biocop does business.

    Recommended use: as a drink, shake before drinking, insert the straw and suck it up. The colder the better.

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