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Apple Vinegar - 500ml

Apple Vinegar from Biocop is an exquisite and authentic cider vinegar to add to salads, sauces, fish, white meats or any other recipe and exploit the delicious taste of our favorite foods. In addition, it has a slight flavor without excessive acidity and with a fruity touch that, without any doubt, it will make our mouth water from the first moment.

    Apple Vinegar from Biocop: with a delicious fruity and very healthy touch to add an extra flavor to our meals.

    Apple Vinegar from Biocop is a refined and healthy cider vinegar made with the best filtration method to bring to our table an excellent quality dressing, ideal to add an extra flavor to our salads, sauces, fish, white meats or any other recipe. The best of all is that it offers a very balanced flavor without excessive acidity, besides, it contains few calories, so it is a healthy ingredient.

    Apple Vinegar from Biocop is one of the dressings that brings more benefits to our nutrition because of its excellent flavor it is very suitable to add to our favorite foods and improve their delicious taste. A very positive aspect is that it has been developed with an excellent method of light filtration to eliminate the bacteria that may be in the vinegar, of course, without impairing its quality and authentic flavor. Even thanks to this characteristic it has a balanced taste without excessive acidity, so it is perfect even for those refined and very sensitive palates.

    Another of the main advantages of Apple Vinegar from Biocop is that it is also known for its natural properties, in that sense, being made mainly by pulps of fresh apples and obtained from organic farming, without any doubt, it adds to our diet the great advantage of helping us to absorb the nutrients and, in addition, it contains digestive enzymes that favor digestion after eating. Similarly, a teaspoon of Apple Vinegar from Biocop in our meals is a wonderful opportunity to keep cravings at bay given.

    Actually Apple Vinegar from Biocop is an alternative that we can not fail to include in our kitchen and collection of doser, and for additional benefits, it comes in a convenient bottle with dispenser to add the right and necessary amount and, in this way, add to our food an exquisite fruity taste.

    Facts of Apple Vinegar from Biocop

    • Exquisite and refined cider vinegar to garnish recipes
    • Ingredients from organic crops
    • Not excessively acid
    • Adds few calories
    • Improves the absorption of nutrients when eating
    • Favors digestion

    The dressings are always necessary to exploit the true taste of the meals, for that reason, choosing Apple Vinegar from Biocop is a wise decision to provide an unbeatable flavor and in a very healthy way.

    Recommended use: add a teaspoon of cider vinegar to salads, sauces, fish, white meats or any other recipe of our choice. Keep in a dry and cool place.

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