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Apple-Mango Puree Luna e Terra - 360g

Apple-Mango Puree Luna e Terra from Biocop is a delicious product to spread on whatever you want. You can add it to different desserts or sauces for some dishes, on the other hand it is ideal to prepare salad dressings that you want to add a special and sweet touch.

    Apple-Mango Puree Luna e Terra from Biocop, smooth texture and delicious taste.

    Apple-Mango Puree Luna e Terra from Biocop is a delicious product ideal to spread on what you want and add that sweet and special touch that we like so much. The combination of these two provocative fruits makes it the ideal filling for different recipes and dressings for salads or different dishes. It can be spread on pancakes or slices of bread as a nutritious and healthy snack for both children and adults. You must have this spread in the kitchen, as it will provide your meals or recipes with a great taste that everyone who consumes it will enjoy.

    Many times we feel like eating foods that we love but we want to vary the way or texture eat them, that is why Biocop designed this delicious spread, to offer you a unique flavor mixture that you can combine with what you wish. Apple-Mango Puree Luna e Terra from Biocop is a delicious product from biodynamic crops, which offers a smooth texture and a characteristic flavor of the mixture of apple and mango that does not need to be sweetened so that you feel on your palate a burst of unequaled flavor. You can spread it on toast, slices of bread or cookies and get a delicious and healthy snack.

    is ideal for children to consume, because its nutritional properties and delicious taste are the ideal combination to make the snacks of the little ones an excellent option. Apple-Mango Puree Luna e Terra from Biocop contains no preservatives or additives, which is why it is characterized by being fresh and natural. On the other hand it can also be used to prepare different desserts, which will give a touch of great sweetness for all to enjoy, at the same time it also serves for sauces and salad dressings to which it gives a special touch to vary the flavor of the common dressings. Apple-Mango Puree Luna e Terra from Biocop is ideal to always have in the kitchen a different and delicious option for snacks or accompanying meals or recipes.

    Facts of Apple-Mango Puree Luna e Terra from Biocop

    • Delicious taste
    • No added sugar
    • Ideal to spread on toast, bread, etc.
    • Smooth texture
    • No preservatives, no additives

    This delicious spread allows you to add a delicious and sweet touch to your toast, breads or desserts so that they have the special touch of these delicious fruits that we all like so much.

    Recommended use: you can use it as a filling for desserts or to prepare rich sauces for dressings, or simply to spread on toast or slices of bread for snacks.

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