Angel Hair from Biocop is a thin and nutritious handmade pasta made from whole wheat grains. This nutritious cereal was selected as it provides fiber and minerals to the body. The beans used to make these delicious noodles come from organic crops. It is a recommended product for the consumption of the whole family.

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    Angel Hair from Biocop, the real organic noodles suitable for vegans.

    The delicious noodles Angel Hair from Biocop are made entirely organically. This fine and nutritious pasta is handmade using carefully selected whole wheat grains to obtain a high quality product with a rich flavor. It is free of lactose, eggs, soy or nuts, which makes it an excellent choice for vegans and vegetarians. It is a product completely recommended for the consumption of the whole family, especially for those who wish to keep their health and figure in good condition.

    The grains of whole wheat in its original form are a recognized source of fiber that contains 8 essential amino acids phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, Omega 3, Omega 6, B vitamins and vitamin E. Regular consumption of this nutritious and popular cereal optimizes the operation of the digestive system, increases energy levels, improves the appearance of the skin, promotes the cardiovascular system and prevents constipation. The fiber present in this cereal increases the feeling of satiety, therefore whole wheat can be included in slimming diets or weight control and vegetarian diets.

    Enjoy them at any time and place. The thin noodles Angel Hair from Biocop have a pleasant texture and are perfect to prepare succulent lunches that please the most demanding diner. Also, they can be included in different healthy dishes such as soups, spring rolls, vegetable sautes or other recipes from Asian cuisine. To give even more flavor to these noodles, they can be seasoned with different light and nutritious sauces. Committed to the health of consumers Biocop included ingredients from organic controlled crops in the recipe of Angel Hair.

    In this type of cultivation, special care is taken with the collection, handling and transformation process of the raw material since no chemicals or additives are used that alter the natural properties of each ingredient. When choosing traditional methods, the environment is protected and products of greater purity and quality are obtained. This pasta does not contain genetically modified organisms (GMO). The state-of-the-art production of this product guarantees a long-lasting pasta that preserves the nutritional quality and the original flavor at all times. Lead a healthy life by consuming organic products. Try Angel Hair from Biocop.

    Facts of Angel Hair from Biocop

    • 100% organic.
    • Made with whole wheat.
    • Does not contain egg.
    • Without milk or nuts.
    • Free of genetic modification.
    • Suitable for vegans.

    The noodles Angel Hair from Biocop are the best choice for your daily recipes.

    Recommended use: add to broth and cook for approximately 8 minutes.

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