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Alcohol-free Spelt Beer Riedenburger - 33 cl

Alcohol-free Spelt Beer Riedenburger from Biocop is a delicious handmade based on spelt and barley malt to drink when you want something rich and refreshing. One of its main advantages and that makes it a superbly special drink is that it does not contain alcohol, is low in fat, has not been filtered and, to top it off, comes from organic farming.

    Alcohol-free Spelt Beer Riedenburger from Biocop: with an exquisite smell and aromatic flavor to enjoy without limits.

    Alcohol-free Spelt Beer Riedenburger from Biocop is an exquisite handmade beer, made with the best malt from spelt and barley, ideal to drink cold when you want something refreshing and enjoy a moment of pleasure. In addition, one of the main advantages is that it is a completely healthy beer, because its ingredients come from organic farming, it has not been filtered, it does not have alcohol and it is low in fat. Perfect to drink without limits!

    A cold beer is the perfect drink to share with friends in a meeting at home, accompany a special meal with family or enjoy when you want something refreshing, however, not many people have the opportunity to appreciate the taste of this popular drink, because most of the options add to its composition ingredients that do not do good to the body. But there is no reason to lose your temper or renounce the pleasure of beer since Biocop always cares about our well-being and enjoyment, for this reason, has devised Alcohol-free Spelt Beer Riedenburger from Biocop, which is homemade with a pleasant combination of spelt and barley malt, from organic crops, to bring a magnificently healthy, natural and exquisite drink to our reach.

    Alcohol-free Spelt Beer Riedenburger from Biocop is one of those drinks that we can take without limits since, being composed of these two natural ingredients, without a doubt, it adds to its composition an excellent amount of fiber, natural energy, antioxidants and fatty acids to drink and contribute to a healthy consumption. As for its other benefits that make it even more special is that it has not been filtered and does not contain alcohol, being thus, recommended for beer lovers and well-being. Even thanks to this characteristic, athletes or people on a diet can take it without feeling guilty. Finally, we can not fail to mention that this beer stands out for its slightly cloudy gold color, it also has a mild aroma and a very pleasant taste, making it ideal for all tastes and palates.

    Facts of Alcohol-free Spelt Beer Riedenburger from Biocop

    • Exquisite beer based on spelt and barley grown organically
    • Of slightly cloudy gold color
    • Very mild aroma
    • Provides energy, fiber, antioxidants and fatty acids
    • Low in fat and without alcohol

    Living a healthy life is not an impediment to enjoy an exquisite beer, and less if it is Alcohol-free Spelt Beer Riedenburger from Biocop because it is rich, natural and very healthy to drink without feeling guilty.

    Recommended use: pour cold beer in a glass and drink when you want to taste something refreshing and delicious.

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