The morning is the most precious moment of the day, so, without a doubt, enjoying a sweet and extremely healthy breakfast makes it even more precious. And it is that to start to consume Alara Active Gluten-free Muesli from Biocop will be the best thing that you can eat to start the day off on the right foot, either in the breakfast or giving it a much more creative use by making yourself very delicious energy bars.

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    • Gluten Free
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    With Alara Active Gluten-free Muesli from Biocop, you will be succeeding from the breakfast!

    In addition, more and more products are added to this new wave of gluten-free products and Alara Active Gluten-free Muesli from Biocop is no exception. It is made from sunflower seeds, oat flakes, puffed amaranth, sesame seeds, juice apple, pumpkin seeds, golden flax, pieces of apple, puffed quinoa and Brazil nuts. It is free of any artificial ingredients, traces of gluten or traces of sugar, which can harm your health immediately.

    Alara Active Gluten-free Muesli from Biocop has antioxidant properties, a super-high amount of energy, which is ideal for the daily activities and a lot of fiber, which together make your body much more performant. At the same time, you can leave aside the consumption of proteins, for example, gluten, since this muesli has 0% gluten, ideal to give up once and for all the consumption of foods processed or containing artificial elements. Take a change in your life for the better by consuming natural and 100% quality foods as Alara Active Gluten-free Muesli from Biocop.

    Seeing significant changes in a few days can be as easy as economical, and that is what you get when you acquire Alara Active Gluten-free Muesli from Biocop, which not only cleanses your body from the impurities of gluten but also fills you with nutrients and vitamins necessary for muscle mass growth, maintaining your ideal weight and balance the consumption of carbohydrates.

    It is a muesli that all pockets can afford and does not require a complex preparation like any conventional breakfast does, in which you have to correctly balance the amount of carbohydrates and proteins, but with this muesli, you have it all in one container, and of course, within your monthly budget.

    Facts of Alara Active Gluten-free Muesli from Biocop

    • Regulates and maintains adequate levels of blood glucose.
    • The perfect ally to keep the skin in good condition.
    • Great source of energy.
    • 11 g of fiber per 100 g of product.
    • 16 g of protein per 100 g of product.
    • Retains the necessary properties to maintain the cardiovascular system in optimal conditions.

    Alara Active Gluten-free Muesli from Biocop is the best option to keep your body protected from possible traces of gluten. Therefore, it is ideal for all those who are allergic to this type of protein, and as your health is first and foremost, this wonderful product cannot be out of your shopping list.

    Recommended use: it is recommended to consume this muesli in the morning hours as the main source of energy, either at breakfast or as a homemade energy bar for snacks. Add vegetable milk, natural juice of your favorite fruits or water to modify its texture to your liking.

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