BIOCOP, more than a brand, is a company with more than thirty (30) years contributing to the production and distribution of biological products of the highest nutritional quality and most delicious flavor. They are environmentalists, pioneers in the struggle to change the current world's feeding model, through responsible consumption and healthy living.


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With almost thirty-five (35) years of history, BIOCOP is the pioneer brand in the manufacture and distribution of 100% natural, wholemeal and unrefined basic products, always with the preparation of products from organic crops and ecology as main values. At the moment, it maintains a wide and varied catalog of products, created for the satisfaction of the demands and needs of the consuming public. Also, thinking of contributing to the increase of environmental awareness in the population, BIOCOP gives its customers not only ecological food products with preservation at room temperature, but also includes personal and cosmetic and personal hygiene products, and for cleaning the home.

BIOCOP is a company committed to sustainability, fair commercialization and social equity, through the participation and delivery of a specialized and highly qualified staff; dedicated to the fulfillment of the objectives set out by BIOCOP; which are focused on improving the service provided every day, namely, the products offered, optimizing the versatility of the packaging, their ease of use, the information transparency and every else essential for the well-being of its distinguished customers as well as offering an extensive and varied catalog of organic or biological products made meet the requirements of customers and consumers; who look for products that be not only tasty, but also very healthy.

BIOCOP, as a manufacturer and marketer of organic or biological products that provide multiple health benefits. It is a pioneer, with more than thirty-five (35) years of service to the population, providing consumers with food products that are always delicious, nutritious, healthy, low in salt, added sugars and saturated fats, but very rich in vitamins and minerals and if it were not enough, they are also friendly with the environment, thus contributing to its conservation.

BIOCOP, as the number one company in the manufacture of organic products, is committed to the health of its customers, manufacturing and marketing 100% organic products; offering consumers products made under a system of natural procedures that guarantee the preservation of their nutritious properties and their delicious flavors, and thus being able to take home the possibility of enjoying a healthier lifestyle without having to stop consuming products with flavors attractive to the palate that mark the difference with their biological origin, totally free of chemicals and additives. In this way, the consumer can go on a balanced diet; free of harmful preservatives, while consuming products of original and exquisite flavors, with high nutritional properties.

Solidarity, commitment, ecological awareness and sustainable production are some of the values ​​that characterize and define the company BIOCOP, which manufactures and distributes, with many years of experience, ecological products for nutrition, hygiene, health and use at home. Committed to the conservation of the environment, social development and health. BIOCOP, a brand with thirty-five (35) years taking care of the environment, your health and that of your family.