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Ecological Whole-grain Oatmeal - 500 g

Ecological Whole-grain Oatmeal from Biocell is the solution for the preparation of masses for making pastry or baked recipes. A very recurrent alternative in the kitchen due to its nutritional benefits. Thanks to its production by means of organic farming, it offers a wide range of 100% natural ingredients that benefit and optimize your body in the best way.

    Ecological Whole-grain Oatmeal from Biocell: prepare all the recipes you have in mind from a single product.

    The delicious Ecological Whole-grain Oatmeal from Biocell comes exclusively from crops grown in an ecological manner. If you are a fan of pastry-making or baking, this is a decisive alternative for the results of your dishes.

    This whole flour provides incredible consistency to your dishes thanks to its components. In the same way, it allows you to introduce to your diet a high amount of fiber and energy. Unlike conventional flours, this whole flour is enriched with oats, which is its star ingredient to provide a unique flavor and all the benefits for the proper development of the body.

    Thanks to Ecological Whole-grain Oatmeal from Biocell, you can make an incredible variety of foods. It has the versatility that we all look for in food supplements, that is, make different foods from a single product. Among them, can be mentioned biscuits, buns, cakes, pancakes, croissants and even cookies. Also, if you choose to boost your healthy consumption, you can always incorporate it into other flours to improve its properties. The oatmeal is the best option if you want to stock up with a shower of culinary ideas. Make all your family's favorite dishes, without neglecting or reducing the nutritional qualities they need on a day-to-day basis.

    Ecological Whole-grain Oatmeal from Biocell is a light product that will be well received by your stomach. This food supplement is designed for people on a balanced diet and those who practice some physical activity as part of their lifestyle. Due to its satiating effects and all its nutritional components, this is a flour that contributes to weight loss and the extend the time to your next meal.

    Likewise, Ecological Whole-grain Oatmeal from Biocell is excellent to give your body the necessary energy. Do all the chores of the day with the vitality that this food product transmits to your body. It is a product suitable for daily consumption, therefore you can include both in breakfasts and snacks. In addition to making all the recipes you like, you can also make bechamel sauces, porridges or creams. Additionally, if you are a fan of natural drinks, you can incorporate this flour into your vegetable juices to keep your values ​​at the best point.

    Facts of Ecological Whole-grain Oatmeal from Biocell

    • A delicious flour made from whole-grain oatmeal.
    • From 100% ecological farming.
    • Suitable for vegans.
    • Free of sugars and preservatives.
    • Offers high doses of fiber.

    Ecological Whole-grain Oatmeal from Biocell allows you to make all kinds of recipes to provide your family with a complete and nutritious diet. Make the most delicious cookies or the healthiest vegetable drinks. This product improves your diet in a healthy, different and tasty way.

    Recommended use: a very versatile food supplement for the preparation of pastry or bakery recipes. You can also make all kinds of sauces or vegetable drinks from it.

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