Bio Ecological Swollen Spelt from BioCell is a delicious cereal made from swollen spelt and exclusive means of organic farming. This product is a new option to have for breakfast with a different flavor. Thanks to its nutritional properties, you will not only get a dish of easy preparation but also nutrients to keep your body always in harmonious operation.

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    Bio Ecological Swollen Spelt from BioCell: an option to enrich your mornings and fill your body with the best nutritional properties.

    The delicious Bio Ecological Swollen Spelt from BioCell is a product to enjoy a delicious cereal in the morning. It is a cereal free of added sugars, colorings or other elements harmful to the body. With 100% natural products like this one, you can easily get into the healthy eating habits.

    Likewise, it is a food supplement with a very low fat index. Therefore, if you aim at losing weight through a healthy diet, incorporating this product is an excellent option. The best of Bio Ecological Swollen Spelt from BioCell is that it does not deprive anyone of its incredible qualities and is widely recommended.

    Bio Ecological Swollen Spelt from BioCell helps you keep your body in shape with no need to reduce the amount of food eaten. Feel free to enjoy this delicious cereal swollen without feeling guilty. This is a product rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals. In addition, thanks to the inclusion of spelt as its main ingredient, it offers even more complete properties than traditional wheat.

    By including Bio Ecological Swollen Spelt from BioCell in your diet, you are making sure that your body receives B-complex vitamins and vitamin E, as well as minerals such as magnesium and silicon, and even polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6. If you want to improve your eating habits or stimulate the proper development of your body, do not think twice and buy enough of this product.

    Bio Ecological Swollen Spelt from BioCell allows your body to perform all anabolic functions with incredible effectiveness. This product comes ready for consumption, you just have to mix it with other ingredients or eat it as is, everything depends on your preference. If you choose to enrich it with other alternatives, you can do it with vegetable drinks, natural juices, milk or yogurt.

    Facts of Bio Ecological Swollen Spelt from BioCell

    • Delicious grains of swollen spelt.
    • A product from organic farming.
    • Rich in vitamins, fibers and minerals.
    • A cereal excellent for breakfast or snacks.
    • Has a crunchy and tasty texture.
    • An easy-to-prepare.

    Bio Ecological Swollen Spelt from BioCell is a delicious cereal to make your mornings more lively and enjoyable. With all the benefits of spelt, you have the opportunity to take pleasure in your mornings. Include this product with all the accompaniments you have in mind and delight yourself with a cereal made under the strictest standards. Through these delicious spelt flakes with a crunchy and tasty texture, you can offer your family an incredible and healthy food.

    Recommended use: a delicious cereal to eat as is or accompany with other ingredients such as vegetable drinks, natural juices, milk or yogurt.

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