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Ecological Quinoa Flakes - 500 g

The tasty Ecological Quinoa Flakes from BioCell is made from white quinoa seeds, so it is super soft, with a subtle and very rich flavor, thus being perfect to eat at breakfast and to prepare recipes. Quinoa is a cereal infinitely rich in protein, as well as in energy, fiber, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids.

    Ecological Quinoa Flakes from BioCell is perfect to enjoy the best of quinoa through succulent soft, tender and super rich flakes.

    These small, white and super appetizing organic quinoa flakes are mega delicious, so that you can turn them into your favorite cereal, whether you prefer to eat them at breakfast or snacks. As they are soft, rich and natural, you can accompany them with milk, vegetable drinks, yogurt or juice. You can even soak them and make appetizing pastry recipes. The exquisite quinoa is one of the largest food sources, especially in proteins.

    Ecological Quinoa Flakes from BioCell are considered the best flakes to include into a healthy and balanced diet, as quinoa has all the protein complex that you require, mainly proteins of very splendid quality and substantial amino acids, in fact, it has so many proteins, that the quinoa it is quite comparable to milk and other cereals. In this way, there is no doubt that these succulent ecological quinoa flakes are the most fantastic and ideal to obtain proteins every day.

    However, they also have essential fatty acids, such as omega 3 and 6, which are good fats that have incredibly positive effects on the health of your heart. In addition, this substantial product contains plenty of carbohydrates, fiber, B vitamins vitamin E and C, and likewise, it has many minerals, such as iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, among others. The most attractive of all this very fabulous nutritional range is that these quinoa flakes are made free of sugar and additives, so they are natural and very healthy.

    Luckily, the succulent Ecological Quinoa Flakes from BioCell is very well made with exquisite white quinoa seeds, so they have a very tasty, subtle and mild flavor to eat in many ways. In that sense, it is recommended to eat them, preferably, as a succulent instant breakfast, accompanied with fresh drinks such as those of vegetable origin, milk, juices, or yogurt, but also, they can be used to make delicious pastries and/or prepare bakery recipes, such as bread, cookies, biscuits, even, there are those who use quinoa flakes to bread fried fish or chicken.

    Facts of Ecological Quinoa Flakes from BioCell:

    • Flakes made from white quinoa seeds, reason why they are milder, richer and subtler in flavor.
    • Treasures a large and extensive amount of proteins and amino acids.
    • Provides carbohydrates, fiber, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids.
    • Super versatile flakes to eat for breakfast, to make recipes or to bread.
    • No sugar, colorings, additives, or artificial compounds.

    Ecological Quinoa Flakes from BioCell is a real treasure, and more if you are looking for protein and healthy foods, so, do not stop trying them and soon you will realize that quinoa is an excellent product for health.

    Recommended use: enjoy these tasty quinoa flakes as a nutritious breakfast, accompanied with milk, yogurt, juice, or even a vegetable drink. You can use them to make succulent bakery recipes (biscuits, cookies, bread, muffins, etc.), as well as to bread chicken and fish before frying.

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