Meal substitute shake - 5 x 30g

Meal Substitute Shake + Shaker FREE from Bimanan is a delicious and practical milkshake with high fiber and protein content, ideal to substitute 1 meal a day and complement a balanced nudiet. A less caloric alternative, more economical and comfortable for busy people who do not have time to prepare healthy meals.

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    Meal Substitute Shake + Shaker FREE from Bimanan to easily prepare and replace 1 meal a day.

    Meal Substitute Shake + Shaker FREE from Bimanan is a delicious and practical milkshake with high fiber and protein content, ideal to substitute 1 meal a day and complement a healthy diet. For convenience, it will not be necessary to use the kitchen for preparation, on the contrary, it comes in a comfortable package with additional shaker to liquefy wherever and to enjoy. Eating a balanced diet is essential for the correct functioning of the body, however, sometimes responsibilities and lack of time prevent the preparation of nutritious meals. The good news is that Bimanan has devised the best shake with an excellent nutritional combination, enriched with 12 vitamins and 11 minerals to substitute one meal a day and complement a healthy, varied and delicious diet.

    One of the main advantages of this Meal Substitute Shake is that it has an excellent supply of fiber, being ideal to eat and feel satiated for much longer. In addition, by not being hungry for several hours, it is easy to control the anxiety and the impulse to peck sweets at all times. Nor can we forget that it is an ideal alternative to encourage digestion and stimulate intestinal transit. However, one of the important nutritional contributions that incorporates the Meal Substitute Shake to the diet is its high protein content, since a ration covers the daily requirements and can be supplemented in hyperproteic diets, as in the case of athletes. If time is involved, this practical nutritional supplement provides a FREE Shaker to prepare easily from anywhere and thus enjoy a healthy consumption when the occasion requires. A more economical alternative to eat away from home and contribute to a healthy diet, and not only economically but also nutritious thanks to its extensive content in vitamins and minerals that will undoubtedly mark a before and after with regard to the foods.

    Facts of Meal Substitute Shake + Shaker FREE from Bimanan

    • Low in calories and carbohydrates
    • Ideal to substitute 1 meal a day
    • Free shaker to prepare easily
    • Enriched with 12 vitamins and 11 minerals
    • Rich in fiber
    • Satisfy your appetite for a long time
    • 13 grams of protein per shake
    • Consistency creamy and pleasant taste

    Meal Substitute Shake + Shaker FREE from Bimanan is a quick solution for busy people with complicated schedules. You can take it anywhere and prepare a highly nutritious and less caloric food unlike other options commonly found in supermarkets or establishments.

    Recommended use: in the free shaker, pour 200 ml of skim milk and add the contents of 1 sachet of 30 g. Beat for 30 seconds and enjoy.

    Reviews Meal substitute shake - 5 x 30g

    • 07/19/2017

    Fantástico, ya lo había probado y me ayudó a perder 5 kilos, acompañado de una dieta equilibrada y ejercicios. Ahora lo volví a comprar a través de MasMusculo y he empezado otra vez con mi plan. Muy rico y fácil de tomar, además incluye una Coctelera de regalo para batir bien y que no queden grumos. Gracias!!

      • 12/23/2017

      El producto bien, fue por probar la proxima vez probaré mas cositas.

        • 10/21/2017

        yo lo utiliza sustituyendo una comida en mi caso el almuerzo.

          • 10/20/2017

          Batido sustitutivo con intenso sabor a chocolate, a buen precio que además incluye de regalo una coctelera.

            • 10/04/2017


              • 08/17/2017

              Buen producto, cumple con todos los requisitos para sustituir una comida con un sabor inmejorable y con todos los nutrientes necesarios.

                • 07/06/2017

                Perfecto. El sabor a chocolate es bueno y la coctelera muy practica. El precio es el normal. La entrega inmejorable en 24 horas en casa.
                Repetire seguro.

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