Snack Bars from Bimanan, in its format of 6 units of 31 grams each, have been designed to replace the foods that are consumed in excess between meals. Ideal for those who do sports, as they have many proteins that help muscle development, digestion and combat against excess fats.

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    Snack Bars from Bimanan, excellent appetizer to snack between meals and take care of the figure.

    Snack Bars from Bimanan are sold in packets of 6 units of 31 grams each. They come in different presentations: from cereals, with chocolate, orange, yogurt, toffe flavor and others. They have been designed as food substitutes in case of people who tend to eat from anxiety recurrently outside breakfast, lunch or dinner. In addition, they are very rich in protein, which means a plus of nutritional value, since they help remarkably increase muscle mass. Also, they have the advantage of providing calories in the form of carbohydrates and not glucides, which avoids overweight. To top it off, its invaluable dose of 11 vitamins and up to 11 minerals along with a high content of fibers that improve the digestive system and help to eliminate the excess fats consumed in the daily diet.

    If something goes against the programs of losing weight is the tendency to snack between meals. It is a frequent occurrence among anxious people, who often go to the refrigerator repeatedly to taste something: a piece of cheese, bread, meat, anything that allows them to entertain the palate. To avoid such inconveniences, products such as Snack Bars from Bimanan have been created. The idea is that people consume them regularly between breakfast, lunch or dinner. In doing so, very little fat is added to the body. In this way, the consumption of Snack Bars from Bimanan implies a 100% positive aspect. It is achieved that everything consumed throughout the day out of the main meals cease to be a problem and become a health advantage. In addition, they contain calories in the form of carbohydrates and not sugars. In addition, its high dose of protein is perfect to supplement any exercise program aimed at increasing muscle volume. They also give the metabolism a high dose of vitamins and minerals to keep their functions at peak performance. Undoubtedly, this is a great input to health and a perfect strategy to counteract the habit of overeating food between meals.

    Facts of Snack Bars from Bimanan

    • Sold in packets of 6 units
    • Weight of 31 grams each
    • Great input of proteins
    • Fiber to improve digestion and remove fat
    • 11 vitamins and 11 minerals
    • Ideal for those who do sports
    • Calories in carbohydrate format

    By eating these bars, it is possible to minimize the problems derived from the consumption of foods outside meals. In this way, inconveniences of excess weight and stomach fullness are avoided.

    Recommended use: they can be consumed freely during the day, although the preferable is one per hour.

    Opiniones de Snack Bars - 6 x 31g

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