Choco hazelnut wafer - 4 x 20g

Wafer to nibble between meals from Bimanan are crunchy chocolate wafers with high percentage in fiber to increase the feeling of satiety and control the impulse to eat until the next main meal. They are the best ally to consume at any time of day, satisfy a craving and at the same time lead a healthy lifestyle.

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    Wafer to nibble between meals from Bimanan, delicious snack rich in fiber to control hunger.

    Wafer to nibble between meals from Bimanan are delicious wafers filled with hazelnut cream and coated with chocolate milk, ideal to snack between hours and satisfy the craving for sweet eating. In addition, they contribute a high content of fiber to increase the sensation of satiety by much more time. According to a healthy diet, the body needs from time to time the intake of small portions of food, otherwise, the stomach sends signals of emptiness and that is when the feeling of eating uncontrollably increases. The good news is that Bimanan has thought about appetite control, that is why, brings us the best Wafer to nibble between meals and calm anxiety, thus avoiding getting out of the food routine.

    Wafer to nibble between meals is not like any other snack, on the contrary, unlike other products with a high content of calories, fats and added sugars, it has an authentic recipe that only contributes 92 kcal per wafer, they are rich in protein and fiber, that is to say, nutrients essential to supplement a balanced diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. For greater benefit, they are crunchy when chewing and delicious on the palate, since they come filled with cream of hazelnuts and coated with milk chocolate. A healthy delicacy in small bites! Wafer to nibble between meals can also be consumed by people who are on a weight loss plan and who do not want to give up the pleasure of sweet snacks. It even turns out to be the best ally since it helps not get to the next main meal with too much appetite. No matter if you are away from home or at work, Wafer to nibble between meals come in a comfortable packet of 4 servings of 20 g to meet the daily requirements, take anywhere and delight the best chocolate wafer.

    Facts of Wafer to nibble between meals from Bimanan

    • Fiber source (3.8 g per wafer)
    • Helps control hunger and anxiety for food
    • Increases the sensation of satiety
    • Contains protein (1.2 g per wafer)
    • Ideal for snacking between hours
    • Suitable for people on thinning diets
    • Crunchy texture and nice flavor
    • Convenient container of 4 servings of 20 g

    Hunger is the main enemy of people who want to lose weight, however, with Wafer to nibble between meals from Bimanan this will not be a problem, because by helping to control the appetite, and therefore, anxiety, is the best dietary supplement to reduce the calories eaten in the day and finally to say goodbye to those extra kilos.

    Recommended use: eat a serving of 20 g at any time of day and anywhere.

    Reviews Choco hazelnut wafer - 4 x 20g

    • 02/11/2018

    lo utilizo entre comidas, se parece a los Huesitos. Muy buena opción para matar gusanillo y la ansiedad de chocolate

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