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Fat Burner from Bimanan, in its commercial presentation of 200 ml, allows to accelerate the degradation of the fats to turn them into heat. This is achieved thanks to its fantastic combination of citrus aurantium and guarana, which favors the immediate transfer of lipids to the mitochondria to become an energy source. It has a delicious mango and fruit flavor.

    Fat Burner from Bimanan effectively removes fats with a delicious and healthy taste.

    Fat Burner from Bimanan is sold in a 300 ml format. Its purpose is to help burn the fats accumulated in the body by turning them into heat. It has a delicious mango and fruit flavor combined with a touch of yerba mate along with bitter orange extract (citrus aurantium) and the powerful Amazon sweetener known as guarana. It is an ideal food supplement to be combined with the daily diet. Its great value is that it activates the metabolism in a very special way, because it makes deposits of accumulated fat used as an instant energy reserve for the body. That is, you should not wait for a long process of continuous exercises so that the body begins to disintegrate the lipids. These begin to be used as an energy source from the beginning of the body's activity as an energy source thanks to ingredients such as citrus aurantium and guarana. 

    One of the problems to lower excess fat in the body is because the human body basically has three energy sources: oxygen, calories and lipids. The first is achieved with breathing and lung activity. Calories are gained through the daily diet, being found in carbohydrates and carbohydrates (sugars). On the other hand, fats accumulate by direct intake or by conversion of caloric content to lipids. It happens that the big drawback with the fats is it takes and it costs to pass them from organic format to energy. This is due to the fact that the body first uses the calories for its physical activity. Once these are depleted, it is opted to pass the lipids through the interior of the mitochondria to convert them into an energetic bastion. It is a process that takes quite some time. However, it can be accelerated thanks to products like Fat Burner from Bimanan and its 100% natural ingredients like citrus aurantium and guarana. That way, the consumption of Fat Burner from Bimanan makes that to lose weight is something that is achieved in a short time. Therefore, it is recommended for sportsmen and for anyone who wishes to have a healthy life.

    Facts of Fat Burner from Bimanan

    • It is sold in package of 300 ml
    • Mango and fruit flavor
    • Contains citrus aurantium
    • Sweetened with Guarana
    • Helps burn fat rapidly
    • Perfect for athletes
    • Accelerates lipid metabolism

    This complements the food is ideal for those who diet and at the same time supplement it with exercise. Important to note that its function of burning fats only works if it is activated with frequent body activity.

    Recommended Use: dilute 20 ml of the product in a glass of cold water and drink it twice during each day.

    Questions and answers
    yo me lo tomo media hora antes de comer, no se si hará efecto pero .Hay alguna hora concreta para tomarlo? o se puede tomar cuando la persona elija?
    2019-07-09 20:50:54 rafael
    Hola Rafael! No se indica una hora concreta para tomarlo, puedes tomarlo cuando quieras, dos veces al día. Un saludo.
    2019-07-10 10:21:49 Joel
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