Bimanan Detox from Bimananis a depurative made from birch and alcachocha, both compounds with highly proven detoxifying and depurant properties. In addition, it also has a rich flavor thanks to the presence of pomegranate and hibiscus juice. It is especially helpful before you start dieting to lose weight.

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    Bimanan Detox from Bimanan, ideal for purifying the body.

    Detox is a 100% original product, manufactured by Bimanan, and whose function is to purify the body. This can be especially useful, in addition to the obvious, when you have in mind to start a new diet and before you want to purify the body of toxins or, conversely, if you have recently incurred many excesses with foods specially loaded with condiments, highly processed or alcoholic beverages and so on. To achieve the effects it promises, detox contains, among its main ingredients, birch and artichoke. In addition, it is tasty, so unlike most of the depuratives that are available in the market, with this you will not have problems taking it.

    In addition to the extract of birch and artichoke, Bimanan Detox contains undiluted pomegranate juice, undiluted juice of elderberry, citric acid, maltodextrin, potassium sorbate, because of its properties as a preservative and sucralose, to give it a sweet and pleasant taste. All this, in their respective concentrations, mixed in water, until reaching the 300 ml that make up each container.

    Facts of Bimanan Detox from Bimanan

    • Proven purifying effect.
    • Helps the body to be more receptive to the entry of nutrients and active compounds.
    • Contains 75 mg of the pure extract of artichoke leaf, which is equivalent to 1500 mg of the dry plant.
    • 16 mg of birch dry extract, its second most important active compound.
    • Pleasant flavor to pomegranate and hibiscus.
    • Store in a cool place and after being open for the first time, keep inside a refrigerator.

    Bimanan is characterized by creating special solutions for weight loss, reduce cellulite, and, in this case, Bimanan Detox works as a depurative. All people, at least at some point in their life, should take a depurative to purify the body from the toxins that we inevitably consume in these increasingly contaminated and saturated societies of preservatives, genotoxic agents, pollution and pesticides. However, it is true that on most occasions this product is often used as an extra help for those who wish to lose weight. However, regardless of the purpose, it is always good, even once a year, to take products like Bimanan Detox.

    Recommended use: In order to take advantage of the depurative properties of Bimanan Detox, you must first shake the container, so that the mixture inside it is well homogenized, since, being made of natural compounds, a part of these can be deposited in the bottom of the container. Then just pour 20 ml of the solution into a glass of cold water, and that's it! You should repeat this operation for no more than twice a day, during the days that you consider necessary so that you can begin to see the positive effects in your body.

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