Bimanan cellulitis - 300ml

Bimanan cellulitis from BiManán is a highly undiluted juice made of cranberries, pink grapefruit and dry extracts of cherry, acid cherry and wine which in addition to providing a great and delicious flavor in each glass, help eliminate that unsightly orange peel and heaviness in the legs, making you show off a breathtaking physique.

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    Bimanan cellulitis from BiManán, ideal to provide the body with vitamin C .

    Cellulitis, also called Orange Peel, is nothing more than fatty tissue that builds up underneath the skin by pressing and forming these small bumps in the form of a net, very similar to the skin of the fruit. Its appearance depends on many factors such as gender, genetics and age, being more susceptible women because they accumulate fat in specific areas other than men and their connective tissues is weaker making them prone to get that orange peel, in addition, after adolescence and the lifestyle tends to be less active, accelerates its development. It usually appears in the areas of the body called spare tyres, since it is the area that barely uses fat deposits.

    Bimanan cellulitis from BiManán helps you fight orange peel thanks to its specialized formula that contains undiluted grapefruit juices, red cranberries and dry extracts of cherry, acid cherry and vine, all these ingredients act together to eliminate unsightly orange peel or cellulitis and show off a summer body, besides, you will enjoy taking it because of its delicious taste of grapefruit and cranberries. Pink grapefruit and cranberries provide important benefits such as improving digestive disorders, being rich in antioxidants especially vitamin C, and having anti-inflammatory properties, which improves the circulation of the legs, promoting good circulation of the blood in those body areas.

    Facts of Bimanan cellulitis from BiManán

    • High quality ingredients are used.
    • Contains undiluted juices of pink grapefruit and cranberry.
    • Contains dry extracts of cherry, acid cherry and vine.
    • Brings vitamin C to the body.
    • Decreases orange peel or cellulitis.
    • Relieves the heaviness of the legs.
    • Delicious taste of grapefruit and cranberries.
    • The best way to get the summer body you want.
    • Attractive presentation.

    Bimanan cellulitis from BiManán is a undiluted juice whose formula contains pink grapefruit and cranberries among other ingredients, mainly natural dry extracts, that are ideal for those people who want to eliminate the unsightly cellulitis, also called orange peel. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties it also helps improve circulation in the legs, thereby relieving heaviness in them and preventing the onset of varicose veins and other circulatory problems in the lower extremities.

    Recommended Use: dilute 20 ml of product in a glass of water, twice a day, it is recommended to repeat as many days as necessary until the desired results are obtained. Shake well before drinking. Being formulated with natural ingredients, dregs can appear which do not affect the quality of the product. Aerobics and drinking plenty of water are also recommended to maximize results.

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