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Batonnets from Bimanan are bars or sticks that can be a substitute for one or several meals, this product rich in fiber, also contains 12 vitamins and 11 minerals, perfect for people who are on a diet.

    Batonnets from Bimanan, Find your ideal weight!

    Batonnets from Bimanan are incredible bars that act perfectly as a replacement for a meal, these provide between 225 to 237 kilocalories per two bars of this product (this is the recommended amount per meal), with delicious flavors such as intense chocolate, coconut filling, chocolate fondant, among others; choosing between calories and flavors will depend on how much you want to add or need according to the diet applied. On the other hand, it is hypocaloric, so the number of calories is low, ideal for people who are in some program of thinning; contains vitamins such as A, C, D, E, B1, B12, the latter in particular helps raise energy levels and minerals such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Zinc, among others, essential for the body.

    Batonnets from Bimanan is an excellent hyperproteic option, which is not only for people who are about to lose weight, which is undoubtedly essential, it can also be consumed by those who have already reached their goal and want to maintain it; athletes can also consume these wonderful bars, allowing them to get proteins, vitamins and minerals of importance to boost the gain of muscle mass, as these act in the reconstruction of the muscle, being ideal to eat a bar of this product after the exercise routine to recover energy. In relation to this, there are diets to gain weight, these cases require an extra intake of proteins, for this reason this product is of great benefit. Make this supplement part of your daily diet.

    Batonnets from Bimanan is the perfect alternative, because it has everything necessary for this purpose; in spite of having complete nutritional ingredients, it counts on rich palatable flavors, therefore it will not be a sacrifice consuming it. To add to this, its consumption adjusts to any rhythm of life, can be taken anywhere and everywhere, for being practical and easily accessible. Now, for all the properties mentioned above, it can be said that it helps people to control their weight, since each portion in two bars reveals exactly how much is consumed and will help decide whether to substitute one or more meals a day, thus supplementing a balanced diet.

    Facts of Batonnets from Bimanan

    • 12 vitamins
    • 11 minerals
    • Replaces meals
    • Hyperproteic
    • Weight control

    Batonnets from Bimanan helps people who are on programs to achieve their goals, athletes and people in general who need or require extra protein to supplement their diet; it is a substitute for tasty and enriched food that brings many benefits. It is perfect to add to the daily consumption.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement consume two bars as a substitute for one or several meals.

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