Proteika Bar from BigMan are bars containing a high number of proteins and fiber. They represent an absolutely delicious way to provide your body with proteins from milk, which are ideal to help maintain and gain muscle mass.

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Bigman brings for you Proteika Bar, an ideal choice for all lovers of physical activities and sports seeking to meet their particular demands of proteins.

Proteika Bar from BigMan is the most comfortable and easy way of consuming quality proteins, whether to replace a meal or as a reinforcement for proteins post training. Perfect for eat in the gym or where your busy life takes you. Its high content high-quality protein milk along with carbohydrates provide your muscles with all the energy you need to increase performance in intense trainings, so it is an excellent option to drink before training.

Proteika Bar from BigMan is able to help speed up the regeneration of muscle fibers and increase the muscle mass after training, so you can eat it after finishing your training session. The milk protein used to make this protein bar is one of the types of protein most commonly used because of its beneficial properties to promote the increase of muscle mass and energy in the organism contributing to improve performance and muscle recovery. The fiber plays very important physiological functions for the correct operation of the body.

BigMan brings for your consumption Proteika Bar as an option to incorporate all the essential nutrients in a positive way for the organism and metabolism of athletes, which will have positive effects on their general nutrition and recovery, but it is necessary to mention that it is presented in a truly delicious format that allows to put aside snacks with low or null nutritional value. This protein bar can also be used to snack between meals along with other foods that add carbohydrates (fruit, cereals, juices), or on their own, especially in diets for weight control in those people showing inclination to accumulate fat with the ingestion of high amounts of carbohydrates (fruit, pasta, bread, etc.)

Facts of de la Proteika Bar from BigMan

  • Bars high in proteins and fiber.
  • Delicious and nutritious.
  • Easy to carry and eat anytime and anywhere.
  • Perfect for a high-protein diet.
  • Can replace a meal.
  • Promotes the maintenance of the muscle mass.
  • Quality proteins to eat easily.
  • Available in three delicious flavors: strawberry, chocolate and caramel.
  • Ready for consumption.

Proteika Bar from BigMan is ideal for anyone who needs to add a meal to their diet and thus increase the ingestion of proteins in order to help keep the appetite at bay easy and healthily. These bars can be considered as a perfect food, as they are easy to carry anywhere and eat at any time.

Recommended use: as protein supplement, it is very useful to eat between meals, in outdoor activities, walks, travels, at work, in a gym or anywhere and anytime you need more proteins and fiber.

Opiniones de Proteika Bar - 35 g

Silvia Bodas 2019-07-03 11:46:28
Hola cuantos gramos de proteina tiene cuantos hidratos de carbono y azúcar un saludo
Carlos Neptuno 2019-07-03 17:12:46
Hola Silvia, buenas tardes. Le dejo la información nutricional de la barrita: Por 100 gramos - por barrita de 35 gramos. Valor energético: 386 kcal/1609 kJ - 135 kcal/ 563 kJ Grasas, de las cuales: 10,5 gramos - 3,7 gramos - Saturadas: 4,7 gramos - 1,7 gramos Carbohidratos, de los cuales: 42,8 gramos - 15,0 gramos - Azúcares: 31,4 gramos - 11,0 gramos - Polioles: 3,3 gramos - 1,2 gramos Fibra alimentaria: 7,5 gramos - 2,6 gramos Proteínas: 27,6 gramos - 9,7 gramos Sal: 0,066 gramos - 0,023 gramosUn saludo.
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