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Joint Protection Complex with Ovomet - 60 capsules

Joint Protection Complex with Ovomet from BigMan is a product, made by the incredible sports brand BigMan, that offers the best joint protection. Plus, since it contains Ovomet® egg membrane, it provides fantastic benefits, such as acceleration of joint recovery, prevention of inflammation, regeneration of cartilage, etc.

    Joint Protection Complex with Ovomet from BigMan regenerates the tissues fantastically and contributes to regain the well-being of joints, regardless of the degree of wear they undergo.

    Joint Protection Complex with Ovomet from BigMan is the best nutritional supplement to take care and protect your joints in a very effective way.

    In general, its innovative formula has Ovomet® egg membrane, which is a patented formula rich in collagen, hyaluronic acid, keratin and glucosamine, whose benefits are ideal to help improve mobility, regenerate cartilage, keep ligaments as flexible as they naturally are, strengthen tissues, and speed joint recovery in an incredible way.

    The very exceptional and convenient Joint Protection Complex with Ovomet from BigMan is designed with the simple purpose that you enjoy the best conditions your joints, ligaments and other connective tissues may ever have. In that sense, it is made only with Ovomet®, which is a patented formula that contains organic extracts of egg membrane, which is why it is highly abundant in nutrients, such as collagen, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and keratin.

    The excellent nutritional capacity of Ovomet® translates into excellent regeneration of cartilage and joints. It even makes them stronger, and greatly improves the healthy state of all connective tissues. Also, the very high nutritional content of this complex is ideal to avoid inflammatory processes, essentially after extensive and excessive wear and tear, as happens in sports, or in very old people.

    In short, by taking Joint Protection Complex with Ovomet from BigMan, you will help speed up the recovery of joints and improve mobility and flexibility in a wonderfully effective manner. Just swallow and feel the benefits!

    Now, the most fantastic thing about taking the very well-developed Joint Protection Complex with Ovomet from BigMan is that by enjoying a prodigious maintenance of your joints, ligaments and tissues, undoubtedly, these will be more flexible and elastic to increase the functionality of the essential and delicate joints.

    Joint Protection Complex with Ovomet from BigMan is a supplement highly recommended for athletes, fitness enthusiasts who train regularly, and also, for elderly people who need to care for and protect their ultra-delicate tissues, without resorting to the use of chemical ingredients.

    Facts of Joint Protection Complex with Ovomet from BigMan:

    • Made from an egg membrane, exclusively natural and patented.
    • Take care of the joints, providing them with well-being and elasticity.
    • Strengthens ligaments and cartilage.
    • Accelerates joint recovery.
    • Prevents inflammatory processes.
    • Promotes mobility.

    Without movement you cannot carry out your daily activities, much less a satisfactory training, therefore, take care of your ligaments with the most splendid medicine for joint care, which ensures the best joint care and maintenance.

    Recommended use: take 1 capsule of this complex in the morning, with a glass of water.

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