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Reload (Amylopectin) - 2 kg

Reload from Big is the sports supplement made with amylopectin, ideal for recharging your muscles

  • What do you take it for?
    What do you take it for?
    Reload muscle glycogen
  • How is it taken?
    How is it taken?
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It helps recharge your muscles because the best training is always the next

You may not know what amylopectin is, but when you try Reload, you'll know what it's for, and you'll notice how your body recharges and recovers preparing for you to go the next training.

Even so, we explain the benefits and advantages offered by this modified corn starch that is currently the most demanded carbohydrate for all athletes, due to the muscular energy load it offers without equal with a greater bioavailability than any other carbohydrate. All this is achieved thanks to its size and molecular weight that causes it to be digested very quickly, and delivered glucose into the bloodstream, so that both major organs and muscles, regain glycogen levels twice as fast as others carbohydrates of lower weight and molecular size.

Another key factor of amylopectin is its low osmolality, which means the amount of water it extracts for transporting energy. Thanks to this we managed to avoid the known muscular cramps, and therefore not consume water from the natural reserves of the human body; quite the opposite since it maintains blood flow levels, to maintain stable glycogen levels.

The versatility of Reload, allows its consumption before, during and after training, providing different functions.

  • Before training: Taking Reload before training will ensure that energy reserves are kept to the maximum, so we will increase resistance during training.
  • During: The fatigue is reduced, as it gradually replenishes the energy consumed.
  • Afterwards: It has a recuperative effect when recovering the energy reserves and repair the muscular fissures of the training.

Because it's the next training that will make you better. Recharge and return to the fray

Recommended use: As a dietary supplement, mix 100 g (2 tablespoons) with liquid and consume before, during and after physical activity to obtain the best results.

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