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MAP Muscle Anabolic Power - 250 tablets

MAP Muscle Anabolic Power from BIG is an amazing food supplement, with a powerful formula that provides you with the branched chain amino acids (BCCAs), which will improve your synthesis of protein. It also contains aspartic acid and tryptophan, which will help you have a better mood.

    MAP Muscle Anabolic Power from BIG: the fuel that will activate your muscle growth. Do not miss out on your benefits!

    MAP Muscle Anabolic Power from BIG is a powerful source of branched-chain amino acids (BCCAs), which cannot be missing in your diet. This formula also contains tryptophan and aspartic acid, which positively influence your mood.

    Consume it every day to promote the increase of your muscle mass, and to strengthen your bones. Its composition also optimizes the body's metabolism of fats, which also provides an extra level of energy. Added to this benefits, a stimulate the natural increase of testosterone and promotes performance in training. It is suitable to compensate for nutritional deficiencies, since it can easily be included into any diet.

    If you want to increase the level of proteins in your nutrition, you must take advantage of the benefits of provided by MAP Muscle Anabolic Power from BIG. The organism can absorb the essential amino acids that are vital for the repair of tissues. However, it cannot produce BCAAs by itself. These perform vital functions to achieve true muscle development, not only in size, but also in strength. They are responsible for the increase of these tissues. They also produce enzymes in the synthesis of protein, thus achieving an excellent toning. In the same way, they favor endurance and performance during exercise.

    Supplement with MAP Muscle Anabolic Power from BIG to also reduce pain and to recover quickly between workouts. Its presence in the body is essential to quickly heal the damage in the muscles and also to recover from any type of injury in the best possible way. This allows you to regain all your energies, while fortifying your immune system, which may also be damaged after a period of prolonged and strenuous exercise. It also replenishes muscle glycogen, intensively improving strength throughout your entire muscle structure. For all those reasons, you can easily substitute a meal with it. 10 grams of this supplement is equivalent to the consumption of about 300 grams of lean meat.

    Facts of MAP Muscle Anabolic Power from BIG:

    • Provides BCAAs.
    • Contains tryptophan and aspartic acid.
    • Deeply improves the synthesis of protein.
    • Benefits the increase of the muscles.
    • Favors the synthesis of fats.
    • Boosts the increase of testosterone.

    MAP Muscle Anabolic Power from BIG is the nutritional supplement that you must have to guarantee the increase of your muscles. Fortify your nutrition with this complete source of BCAAs. It is essential for you to obtain an effective physical development, gain more strength, improve your endurance, performance and your recovery will take a shorter time. In the same way, it is capable of reversing nutritional deficiencies, since it provides highly effective concentrated amino acids.

    Recommended use: take 5 capsules daily, after a main meal with plenty of water, or distribute them throughout the day, take 2 before training and the other 3 at the end of training.

    Questions and answers
    Hola buenas tardes,si después de entrenar me tomo las 5 cápsulas de big map,hace falta también el batido de proteína o no?
    2020-01-15 14:13:43 Francisco Miguel
    Hola yo particularmente me lo tomaría 20 min después de tomar las cápsulas. Pero ningún complemento es indispensable es decir todo depende de objetivo y de lo que uno pueda gastarse, pero si fuera para mí haría la toma como le indique. Un saludo
    2020-01-15 16:31:23 Jose
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