L-Tyrosine from Pure Big Series is a specialized supplement in such amino acid (Tyrosine) that you must consume to benefit from its anticatabolic, revitalizing and fat-burning properties. It is excellent to promote the increase of the levels of energy when practicing some sport. Along the same lines, it is excellent to improve the mental state and to counteract fatigue.

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L-Tyrosine from Pure Big Series is your best ally against fatigue during training. Improve your performance and get ready to go for more! 

L-Tyrosine from Pure Big Series is a supplement made from phenylalanine, which is cardinal to promote the organic production of tyrosine, a non-essential amino acid, but important. It is a fundamental supplement to help the body recover very effectively from a demanding training, which profoundly reduces the neurotransmitters in the nervous system.

This supplement replenishes them naturally, recomposing signals to your brain and boosting your levels of energy and physical vitality. It also benefits the metabolism of fats and counteracts bad moods. This is a great help to obtain the mental energy necessary for training.
There are many reasons why you should consume L-Tyrosine from Pure Big Series, for example, because it is an amino acid that is necessary to promote the metabolism of lipids in the body. In the same way, it counteracts the effects of tiredness and fatigue, allowing a more complete and effective training. In addition, it is an ingredient necessary to improve the production of melanin, which benefits the health of the epidermis and hair. When your body has a good level of tyrosine, you get a higher level of energy and it accumulates less fat. Moreover, you will have a better mood and mental state, which allows you to face every training session with clarity and determination.
If you practice sports, you should consider the consumption of L-Tyrosine from Pure Big Series, particularly, because its presence in your body works wonders for obtaining better muscle performance. And without a doubt, it is a favorable factor for the reduction of fats. It also slows down the development and action of free radicals, which promotes an even better quality of life. This supplement is also an excellent resource to increase focus, so it is very useful for people who study or who must maintain a high level of concentration. Since it is an amino acid that cannot be synthesized by the organism on its own, its inclusion in the diet is always a plus. It even improves the skin, and strengthens the scalp.

Facts of L-Tyrosine from Pure Big Series

  • Made from phenylalanine.
  • Boosts the levels of energy.
  • Improves the metabolism of fats.
  • Favors a good mood.
  • Increases concentration.
  • Benefits the skin and hair.

L-Tyrosine from Pure Big Series is a supplement created from phenylalanine, which you must consume if you want to boost your levels of energy and muscle performance. It is also a valuable resource that improves the mood and mental state to be able to continue with a highly intense training.

Recommended use: consume 2 capsules a day, preferably after lunch.

Esteban Vara Guardia 2019-09-15 01:29:30
Mg por capsula?
Beltran 2019-09-16 10:45:43
Hola 500 mg por capsula.Un saludo
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