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Hydr0% - 1,8 kg

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    Pure, direct, without fillings ... .because every gram counts, and we know it.

    Introducing our New HYDR0% from BIG®..  A protein based on hydrolyzed-protein isolate with a high protein value made with OPTIPEP®  90 from CARBERY.

    HYDR0% from BIG® does not contain lactose, does not contain added sugars and with more than 14% hydrogen in its formulation makes HYDR0% BIG® one of the best and cleanest proteins on the market.

    In addition, HYDR0% from BIG® does not contain filling amino acids thus guaranteeing an absolute purity in each serving.

    HYDR0% from BIG® is sweetened with Splenda which is a sucralose of high quality and 0% calories and contains in its formulation Digezyme® Multi-Enzyme Complex which is a compound of digestive enzymes that are resistant to the action of gastric juices, so they retain its digestive action help us to better assimilate our food.

    HYDR0% from BIG® also contains PH Regulator©, formulated from a unique combination of potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and natural citrate extract from Plum Umeboshi, the largest natural alkalizing agent.

    HYDR0%..Everything you want . Just what you need.

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