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HMB - 100 capsules

HMB from BIG is a supplement made from beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate, a metabolite that will work wonders to boost your physical ability. It improves your muscle hypertrophy, prevents the possibility of catabolism, benefits a better recovery, and favors a better anabolic environment. HMB from BIG is great for energy demanding activities.

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    HMB from BIG will provide you with more energy, better recovery and a great muscle growth. HMB from BIG is great for avoiding catabolism and getting on very well at gym!

    HMB from BIG is a sports supplement made from a metabolite which is obtained from leucine, known as beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate.

    Some studies have proven that HMB from BIG is an indispensable supplement to boost the muscle mass. HMB from BIG also prevents catabolism, which is the undesirable degradation of tissues and which results in decreased physical toning.

    Taking HMB from BIG also protects your muscles and improves endurance during your workouts. HMB from BIG is suitable for improving performance in strength or endurance disciplines, and helps to increase vitality and show a higher level of explosive energy.

    You have to include HMB from BIG in your daily diet. HMB from BIG is present in the body, when leucine metabolism happens. However, what you get from food may not meet your HMB from BIG requirements. It is known that to obtain 60 g of HMB from BIG, you must consume 600 g of protein of great biological value, which can be accompanied by an excessive level of fats.

    Instead, you can get the same results by taking 3 g of this dietary supplement. In this way, you will obtain a better protein synthesis, more strength, and will also promote the reduction of excess fats accumulated in the abdomen.

    You will be guaranteed of a great muscle growth by taking HMB from BIG. Leucine, a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA), is essential to achieve complete protein synthesis. One of the metabolites of this nutrient, ketoisocaproic acid is in charge of preventing the degradation of proteins, producing catabolism in this case.

    HMB from BIG is responsible for regulating this action, and in this way helps you achieve bigger and much stronger muscles. Its capsules have been made from 100% natural vegetables, making them suitable for vegans. They have been achieved by using modern proceedings, which in all circumstances, maintain the capacity of its active ingredients.

    Nutrition facts of HMB from BIG:

    • Each dose (3 capsules) daily contributes to 3000 mg of HMB (beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate).
    • Contains microcrystalline cellulose and magnesium stearate.

    HMB from BIG is a beta-hydroxy-methylbutyrate supplement that you should try to promote your muscle development, gain more strength, increase performance, endurance and recovery, in addition to promoting protein assimilation. Get a concentrated dose of this nutrient, which prevents the symptoms of catabolism.

    HMB from BIG will provide you with more energy in physically demanding disciplines and will also do wonders for your muscle growth.

    Recommended direction:  take one (1) capsule of HMB from BIG before breakfast, one (1) hour before your workout, and another one before going to sleep.

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